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Cheers! I am not a crew fan, but hope an MLS team takes the Champions League this year :)
I think maybe it was supposed to be Edu...
He had better timing than Altidore, don't get me wrong, I like Altidore, just his timing was off. At least Buddle works week in week out with Donovan and the tandem has been spot on in club play. He was positioning himself better and timing his runs better in the Algeria match, and I think that fresh legs in the Ghana match would have helped.
Yes!!!!! That is why I posted it. Silly Rabbit!
I just have 7 words for Mr. BB "You should have put in Edson Buddle"
We have to take this crap because we are perceived as the big bad United States. Oh well it will only make us STRONGER and people who choose to be unfair weaker
Wait, so your saying that JPA had it setup? Well yes, but so did the other teams defense and the goalkeeper on that FK, they were expecting it, defending against it even, and still JPA put it in for a winner. Don't get me wrong they should have all been awarded the goal of the week. It should just be the top 5 goals of the week. But to say that it was any easier to get that goal, is silly.
MSG SUCKS!!! RED BULL CALL MLS and get the video on matchday live at least!!!
F MSG!! We are winning AND I cant even SEE it. pffff.
I believe it was a 50/50 ball and Dane was going for it, it was unfortunate that he landed on his leg, but it was not intentional, nor malicious on his part. I am re-watching the game now,just started on msg, but from what I remember it was a 50/50. But if he got a red for that, I could have dealt with it, Dane is a liability to us in other ways.
Toggle Commented May 30, 2010 on NYRB Seeing Red in Loss to Revs at Soccer By Ives
Amen to that, He should have Tchani Ubi and Garcia on the pitch, Lindpere should maybe come off the bench for miller, i think we have seen Lindpere do well playing a winger role, although Miller is really top class, so that is a hard call, and lindpere is also a fighter in the central mid. As for Dane, did you see that play where he brought the ball all the way to goal and Angel was wide open on the far post, but Dane needed to try to take it all the way? now that was greedy and things like that make it easier to take Dane off as a starter. Bring him on when you need energy and speed, when the opposition is tired.
Toggle Commented May 30, 2010 on NYRB Seeing Red in Loss to Revs at Soccer By Ives
The game was lost because the Red Bulls were 2 men down, yes we made our mistakes but so did the Revs, Miller was coming down from trying to head a ball, even IF he glanced the guy Which I don't think was the case, the intention is what the call is based on and there was NO intention to elbow him, a RED for that is biased, a yellow yes, but a RED.. nope. I believe that he made the calls go for the revs. Just my opinion.
Toggle Commented May 30, 2010 on NYRB Seeing Red in Loss to Revs at Soccer By Ives
The REF WAS TOTALLY UNPROFESSIONAL. He let his emotions run this match and really made a mockery of his profession. The first call I can see, but the second call, and just making sure the revs won this one, he should be ashamed of himself. As for the Revs, i hope they feel like they won for Burpo, because they had to take us down 2 players to do it! Keep your heads up boys you played tremendously I am proud! GO RED BULLS!!
Toggle Commented May 30, 2010 on NYRB Seeing Red in Loss to Revs at Soccer By Ives
I wholeheartedly Agree! +1
Good one Ives. The most important thing to me about how this match played out, was that it was exciting football played for 90 minutes. Both teams fought hard and there were many story-lines throughout the match, this game reminded me of some Premier matches I have seen, where there is action from the first whistle to the last second of stoppage time. GO RED BULLS!!!
Yes, i think he should be brought into camp, if only to have him as a backup! As for shrinkage. I would hope that the familiarity would help some :)
Wait a minute... hrrmmmm should we bring a forward that has worked with LD game in, game out, in league play? Sometimes the best player like Gomez, if no chemistry with our midfielders, will not play to his potential. So Edson Buddle of course!!!
I love the HATERS. It shows that RBNY scares them!
Yeah, Johns gameface is nasty, he looks like he wears fake eyebrows lol
The night was great! I only wish we could have some generic chants that the whole stadium could have participated in, the 200 sections made great noise with those fan things they gave out, but maybe a comon redbulls chant which take the other team out of thier game, or a who are ya chant when the fire tried to get back from a goal down, or a que sera, sera when we where the last minutes of the match to really bring our bulls home. Overall our back line and our goalkeeper were phenominal, we could have done better in the offensive third.
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Mar 26, 2010