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Our spring online leaders event is coming up soon! On the morning of May 19th we'll be hosting a half day event for your leadership teams. The theme is one we get asked about A LOT - "Inviting Others Into... Continue reading
Posted Apr 18, 2012 at ARE:A Renewal Enterprise
Our upcoming March webinar theme is "A Renewable Approach to Discipleship." With Lent upon us and many Christian traditions thinking about Jesus' journey to the cross and the call to live as disciples who follow him where he leads, discipleship is a focus of the season. We'll explore this topic on March 20th... (click title for whole post) Continue reading
Posted Mar 11, 2012 at ARE:A Renewal Enterprise
It is Christmas time for those among us who are Christian - a time when Christians celebrate that God is active and participates in the world. Hanukah reminds Jewish people of the abiding grace of a God whose presence was symbolized by oil and of a time when the oil was low but somehow lasted - God was not to abandon them. Others among our readers may come from other traditions and have other reasons to remember, refresh and renew. Whatever tradition you come from please know that we at ARE wish you to have joy-filled and blessed holidays! Continue reading
Posted Dec 25, 2011 at ARE:A Renewal Enterprise
At ARE and the Renewable Church, we have just about completed the first year of our Online Learning Community. Response to the materials has been great! We've learned a lot about how to do this and next year's Online Learning Community promises to be even better! Membership for a full year of materials is normally $149 but the Early Bird price of $135 is available now. (click title for full information) Continue reading
Posted Dec 5, 2011 at ARE:A Renewal Enterprise
Thanksgiving is more than a holiday - it is a way of life. People who are thankful understand life as a gift, receive things with joy, and are resistant to developing an entitlement mindset. Thankfulness is part of life that is open and receptive to the blessings that come. That same openness means those same open hands that receive are also more likely to be open to share and letting go as well. This Thanksgiving week is a chance to take stock of your life and the attitudes that dominate how you think and act. Are you thankful and receptive? Are you open and generous? Reflecting on these things this week may give you a great chance to make adjustments next week. Enjoy the holiday and have a Happy Thanksgiving! Continue reading
Posted Nov 22, 2011 at ARE:A Renewal Enterprise
Dave: Last week I spent a wonderful time in the Maritime provinces of eastern Canada. The Celtic Colours Festival happens each year about this time and it brings the best of Celtic music together from all around the globe. Musicians from Cape Breton Island (Nova Scotia), the US, other parts of Canada, England, Scotland, Wales, and many other places came for a series of concerts that would wow and amaze those of us who had come to see and hear. But in the midst of all these amazing performers was an amazing sign of how these people were equipping and freeing the next generation of performers. If you were watching, you couldn't miss what they were up to. And the future of Celtic music and future leaders was happening right in front of our eyes. Most of us could learn a ton by paying attention to what they did. Continue reading
Posted Oct 26, 2011 at ARE:A Renewal Enterprise
Beyond Butts and Bucks is about measuring what matters. In a consumable model we just ask "How many came?" and "How much money did we get?" While those can be helpful and even important questions, they are far from the only ones and often not even the most important ones. Interested in changing the conversation in your congregation away from money and attendance and toward something else? Join us Thursday! (click title for full information and registration link) Continue reading
Posted Sep 19, 2011 at ARE:A Renewal Enterprise
There is still time to get the Early Bird rates! Registrations are coming in for the October 1st online leaders retreat and you can register all the way up until the day before. But if you do know you want to use this great resource, early bird rates are still available until Friday this week! And because you get the recorded version, even if you'd prefer to do this on another date, you can! If "Learning to Dream Together" would help your organization move ahead - this is a great chance to make your move! (click title for full post) Continue reading
Posted Sep 8, 2011 at ARE:A Renewal Enterprise
A SIMPLE AND EFFECTIVE WAY TO GET LEADERS THINKING TOGETHER! This is a chance for congregations and faith-based organizations to have their leaders together for shared devotional time, teaching and training, and organized discussion. The event is simple to implement, a manageable half day format, and affordable. What could be better!? Dave Daubert and Kelly Fryer will be your hosts for this half day event. Theme: "Learning to Dream Together" Description: Every organization knows that it needs to help people see possibilites and cultivate ways to both envision these dreams and also give images and words to them so others can see them also. Interested in getting your group involved in this low-cost and accessible half day event? Click here for full information, schedule and to register! Early Bird rates are available now! (click title to view blog post) Continue reading
Posted Aug 22, 2011 at ARE:A Renewal Enterprise
A few weeks ago we announced a summer sale on all ARE products through our on line bookstore. Some of you have taken advantage of this great deal already - but if you haven't, there is still one week left to grab some good summer reading! Remember, until the end of July, we're running a sale on ARE resources that's so good (click title for full post) Continue reading
Posted Jul 25, 2011 at ARE:A Renewal Enterprise
Maybe you saw the story about the yong woman who is getting married this week. It was supposed to happen a year ago but at her bachelorette party she was shoved into a swimming pool by one of her best friends and paralyzed fromt the waist down for life. This week she continues her journey forward - bruised and changed but not deterred. She doesn't even seem bitter. What can all of us learn from this? (click title to read more) Continue reading
Posted Jul 18, 2011 at ARE:A Renewal Enterprise
Summer is a time to travel, relax and catch up for many people. But you don't want to get stagnant in the process, so it can also be a great time to read some new material and spend time in a good book or two. So this month, until the end of July, we're running a sale on ARE resources that's so good - usually only our clients get it - 20% off all ARE resources! (Click title for details!) Continue reading
Posted Jun 27, 2011 at ARE:A Renewal Enterprise
Dave writes: Rory McIlroy took the world by storm this week as he won the US Open. Just a few weeks ago he blew a big lead on the final day of the Master’s. What was different that put him over the top this time? And what can we learn from him as a result? (Click title for article) Continue reading
Posted Jun 22, 2011 at ARE:A Renewal Enterprise
We know that many of you who read ths blog are involved in faith-based organizations - both churches and non-profits. So this month's ARE webinar may be of interest. It is "Dealing With Dollars: A Renewable Approach to Stewardship." It's... Continue reading
Posted Jun 12, 2011 at ARE:A Renewal Enterprise
Dave: The recent NFL lockout has meant lots of football players are stuck in limbo, waiting and wondering if they will be working next fall as football players or if the season is simply going to be lost in the shuffle. So, when I saw this story about one player who decided that he could either wait and see what life brought or he could engage it and make something useful come of this, I was impressed with the choices he made. (click title to read the whole article) Continue reading
Posted May 26, 2011 at ARE:A Renewal Enterprise
In recent years, tightening budgets have forced some organizations to make decisions about where to cut. The pressure is real – a lot of organizations are running pretty lean. But in recent projects we’ve noticed that sometimes one place where people are cutting may be “penny wise and pound foolish”...(click on the title above to read the whole article) Continue reading
Posted Nov 29, 2010 at ARE:A Renewal Enterprise
While there are certain outcomes you may need to make happen, paying more attention to the journey may pay off in a some ways that mean you should give the trip more attention. Here are a few tips to help you and the people you work with stay focused on the journey. (Click on the title above to read the whole article) Continue reading
Posted Oct 12, 2010 at ARE:A Renewal Enterprise
The summer comedy, Dinner for Schmucks, delivers more than a few laughs; it's a lesson in the importance of leading with values. You get in trouble when, as a leader, you are unclear about who you are and what your core values are. You will be more likely to be blown about by the winds of life. You and the people you work with will lack the clarity and consistency to stay the course and truly do what matters. (Click on the title above to read more and to get a list of discussion questions for you and your team to use after you watch this fun summer flick together!) Continue reading
Posted Aug 24, 2010 at ARE:A Renewal Enterprise
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