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To quote one of my fav cartoon bullies.....Ha!...Ha! Better luck next time libtards.
I can not wait to hear of this assholes demise. The Mossad will handle their business. Every day, for years I checked, every morning , to see if we got OBL. That day did come. His will too. The mullas are about to get a big can of whoopass opened on em. How many carriers we got in that straight? Obama,The UN, Dems in charge...all got to go.
Make no mistake, he has already compromised the law of the land. That's what they do. Good luck with your Brotherhood judge, Cali....So stupid.
Just try that shit on any freaking road over here. I'd head right for em, with my foot on the gas. Then I'm coming back with 20 of my crew. We would be teach they cave creeps a thing or two. They should be shot at long distance by a IDF sniper, next time they start up this attempted murder shit. Or toss a granade out the window at them while speeding by...w/e
I tried to not post about this cause it piss" me off like nothing else. But here goes. FUCK YOU! All of you. You stupid inbred cave douche bags. They altered their own holy book....w/e And then blame us when it has to be disposed of. FUCK YOU. YOU fucked up your so call holy book. As god as my witness, I will now make damn sure I not only burn that stinking pile of trash. But, i will also literally wipe my dirty stinking ass with one or more of the pages before I burn that filth. FUCK YOU.
Of course they are going to eat each other alive. As soon as we leave. Cause their savages. But,IMO is that we have to get our fight men and women home. Fall back and regroup....if you will. Get a change in the white house. And for GOD sakes get John Bolten involve with our global policy. Then we push back....werd.
Hey Loser.... Yeah you,the pervert worshiper. email addys are not so secret, you douche bag. Did alla say they "you reap,what you sow" Dumb ass. Your religion is a steaming pile of poo..... Violent nasty poo.
I watching the reading of the names, right now. I am weeping as I type, The kids that lost their parents are tearing me apart. I was going to leave at around noon for the rally. But I think I will go sooner. I wonder how many people are as upset about this as I am. I am in bad shape,,,,,no BS. I can not imagine that there are not thousands, that are just as mad/sad as I am. I'll be up there in a couple hours, see you there.
Toggle Commented Sep 11, 2011 on Infamy at Atlas Shrugs
Thats the first thing that came to mind. They want us to not showup in droves, like were going to. Lets show em that we walk the walk, I'll be there, even if its raining and I have to take the train. Other wise, me and my motorcycle will be in NYC. God Bless America! Screw islame.
For the last couple years now. I have stopped going to their stores and such. Mostly the rude ones and the guys that dress like Moe. I can't take them. I try and push back whenever I can. I'm glad this guy is so clueless, to tell us exactly what they want to do.
I'll be there, just like last year. I saw NO obscene verbal attacks, as described by the MSM/BS story. We did debate a few infiltrators, but by far they were the abusers. One truther was very vile. Good>evil. We will win this battle!
Whatever.... I have tuned these cowards out. When they go to make their move. I'll be waiting. Along with the rest of us REAL Americans. Yamamoto knew what these A holes don't. We are a sleeping giant..... Go ahead wake us up. I dare you. Pussys....Ever watch em march, Oh my god it so funny. Shooting they suck...fighting they suck at it. What a bunch of inbred losers.
I love her! You go gurl. Guys like me will fight right along side of her. I will be burning a kookran soon. To show support.
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Jackoff you spineless prick. Talk is cheap. Yours is the cheapest. MoHAMate is a pedo/serial killer...Piss be upon him! Hows that for pro quo BS.
I was there last year, for the first time. It was just a great thing to be part of. I will be there this year too. I hope we have twice the amount of people as last year. God Bless America!
Toggle Commented Mar 10, 2011 on Outrage at 911 Memorial and Museum at Atlas Shrugs
Obama may do nothing about this. Iran may get their f'in nuke or even two. Down the road some dumbass might even fire one at us or sneak one in and attack us.If that shit happens, we will melt many, many, square miles of any country that had anything to do with it. Destroying any piss ant countrys like iran and ventawhatever.Keep poking us bitches, Sooner or later the libtards will be shoved aside and the real asskicking men and women, that really are this country. Will do what has to be done. We can do ugly very well thank you. If you want some come and get it. So, sick of cowards like above. FU and the shittie computer your on.Loser. MoHAMed was a perverted piss drinker. I'm mad now....LOL I apologize to Swami for thinging OB had any balls and voting for him. Its was a mistake, sorry. In 2012 I like Bolton.
This stuff is making my head spin.Its unfreakinbelievable. We must stop kissing muslim ass. profile the crap out of them, deport em, dont let em in, etc.
Toggle Commented Nov 26, 2010 on Surrendered Nation at Atlas Shrugs
Were gonna get this OK. law in place. Then were gonna do it all over the country. Its war now. They started it. We will finish it. Blab on troll.
I am in the red cap infront of the podeum. There was about 100 people or more in the room. The whispers from the spys/racist, that were around me were telling. The guy behind me was the guy that tryed to follow up on the "how far away is far enough" crap. They were torn to shreads by Robert and Pam. I relished I came to support the cause and RS and PG. I was in NY for the 911 anto mosque protest, also. If you are in my area I will be there to support you guys. And be another pair of eyes to watch your backs. I was impressed by your security men, and was glad to see they were on the ball. God Bless America!
I was there, in the phillies cap in the middle of the room. The left was rabid, they spat on and tripped some people coming in. Talk was great and the anti freedom dolts were pathetic. Lame ass points, rambling on. I would have removed my cap, but I had sever helmet hair cause I rode my motorcycle. You both came across very well. And I liked it when Robert took the wingnuts to task. Bravo!
Toggle Commented Oct 8, 2010 on Speechifying at Atlas Shrugs
Yo! I'm in a Philly sub. So I will see you there. I'm a friendly :] Hope to meet you guys if possible. I was at the 911 protest. And saw first hand how the MSM lied it's ass off. They are dead to me now. You can not trust the leftist spin thats all over everything is seems.God Bless America! Temple will be rowdy I think. Hope you are ready for that. We have plenty of kaffy wearing kooks that protest every friday on 15th and market street. I have gone down and stood with the jews that are on the other side of the street.
Toggle Commented Sep 30, 2010 on Welcome Wagon! at Atlas Shrugs
Went to GZ on 911 for the NO Mosque, protest. Was a great day for me. I felt very bonded with my fellow Americans. I could feel the pain from the NYFD and PD. But the firefighters were visibly under stress, and I tryed to let them know that we care about them and love them as the heros that they are. Continue reading
Posted Sep 30, 2010 at ddoggma's blog
Not sure whats gonna transpire here. But, I have a blog now. Thats my Bouvier, "Bart" in my pic. Continue reading
Posted Dec 23, 2009 at ddoggma's blog
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Posted Dec 23, 2009 at ddoggma's blog