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Who at the post office would've given Brian Smith a key to the PO Box already reserved for another customer? This doesn't make sense.
I hate that this will probably sound like I'm defending the worst President the US has ever seen, but if Rumsfeld didn't get a request for more troops, he definitely should have. That is one reason the Taliban reclaimed certain areas of Afghanistan once we entered Iraq - we simply did not have enough manpower to combat them. Rumsfeld stunk as a Defense Secretary and things got far better in both Iraq and Afghanistan when Gates took over.
Gretchen is so unaware of the world around her - it's infuriating to listen to her butcher common names and common words. I wish they'd choose anchors for their intelligence instead of their experience as beauty queens.
Paul is obviously of the Muslim persuasion since he's anti-gay. He can be anti-gay but Pamela can't be anti-jihad? Funny.
Kenny, You're Jewish and you like NASCAR? Wow! I thought I was bad for being a Jew who likes muscle cars.
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I think the whole point was if he was a pious Muslim - what was he doing in a bar?
Jim F - Neil Boortz did a great show about the GE and Obama ties. is GE's new public health sector and will be running the show for our new national healthcare system. The same GE that was selling goods to Iran during an embargo. Here's some stuff from the shareholders' meeting in April. Here's stuff from another blog highlighting the Immelt/Obama conflicts of interest
JewishOdysseus, I'm so glad I'm not alone. Wiesel had an opportunity to tell Obama that Buchenwald is why Israel must be the Jewish homeland and our safe haven and he did not take that opportunity. He had the obligation to tell Obama that Buchenwald is why we must not continue to cave to those who want us dead. He did not heed his obligation. All wars are absurd and meaningless? Think again, Elie. If America had that opinion in 1941, we wouldn't be listening to your speech today and you'd be up in the sky grave with your father. Elie Wiesel has had many similar opportunities and he has not taken them. People need to stand up for what is right - not stand for some unattainable fairytale vision of what the world could be if everyone were nice. Everyone isn't nice - Elie Wiesel should know this better than most. "Then it was human to be inhuman..." For Muslims - it's still human to be inhuman as long as the human is an infidel. This is precisely why every Jewish Day School, every Yeshiva, every Synagogue's religious school should make the Koran required reading. A parting note, notice how horrible Obama speaks without a teleprompter? I guess they couldn't rig one at Buchenwald - I'm surprised he agreed to go.
Yusef al-Khatab aka Joseph Cohen? He obviously suffers from extreme mental illness coupled with extreme hatred of his parents.
Also, as I just read my own post. The NY Times labeled this visit as, "... a trip to the Middle East and Europe intended to reach out to the Muslim world." What better way to show solidarity with Muslims than apologizing for bombing their partners in crime during World War 2?
Agreed Getzel. Definitely a narcissist. Also, brace yourselves for what is sure to be the most unbelievable speech Obama makes yet on his 2009 Apology Tour. He's going to Dresden to say he's sorry that America bombed their city as we fought the Nazis. Pay close attention to that one.
I have a desperate urge to write a letter to the Obama administration in protest - but they've already said I owe an extra $222 from 2007. I can't imagine what they'd do if I actually wrote a letter that was critical. These are scary times. Israel better get ready for an influx of Jews.
Kobi - please look into the definition of what a dhimmi is. What Rabbi Weiss did was submission to Islam, probably based out of fear, which is precisely what dhimmitude is. I'm sorry you like him and his works and his Torah-observance, but none of his attributes change the fact that what he said absolutely did and does endanger Jewish lives. He, of all people, should know better than to say something like what he did. None of his attributes change the fact that he has done serious damage to what has been a worthwhile advocacy group that was building momentum in standing up for Jews and Israel. If a Jew in Nazi Germany, who knew we were being exterminated, told the press that he was just fine living in Hitler's Germany, do you think that remark would have put Jews in danger by giving them a false sense of security and perhaps quashing any plans they may have had to flee? Would you hold him accountable for his lack of speaking out when Jewish lives were lost after his statement - even if he said it out of fear? Even if he was Torah-observant, did he not have an obligation to speak the truth about what he knows to be the truth? Calling Rabbi Weiss a dhimmi is an accurate description of what is required of someone to make the statement he did knowing otherwise. It's not an erroneous slashing of his character - it's just a simple fact. It's not being said to be insulting - at least from my perspective since I can't speak for Pamela - it's a description. I hope my analogy allows you to also see the danger he has put us in by not speaking the truth about Islam. There is right and there is wrong and there is even in-between. What Rabbi Weiss did was wrong and if he wants to correct his mistake, then he should speak out and tell the truth about Islam and Islam's devout followers. If he does not want to correct his mistake, then he will remain silent and each of us is allowed to come to his or her own conclusion. I feel that his good work with AMCHA is done as a result of this statement if he remains silent.
oy vey. Logical, with all due respect, we Jews don't believe that Jesus is the fulfillment of prophecy either. I'll agree that Islam isn't from Hashem and it must not be placated, but I feel like the rest of that statement is, well, isn't kosher.
Calling him a dhimmi or jewicidal isn't a false ad hominem attack on Rabbi Weiss. He was the very definition of a dhimmi in making the statement he made and the next death that happens as a result of Jihad and it affects a single Jew who heard his statement, that person can look directly to Rabbi Weiss as being contributorily negligent for not speaking the truth. It's up to Rabbi Weiss now if he wants to correct his statement. The reason I wrote what I did is because he basically undid all the good that he had done in giving this single press conference - that's how terrible his statement was. He just decimated AMCHA in that one speech.
Isn't Rabbi Weiss's shul the one with the sign in front that says "We stand with Israel?" Isn't Rabbi Weiss the head of AMCHA - the Coalition for Jewish concerns? You're correct, Kobi, in that Rabbi Weiss does do some great work on behalf of Jews and Israel. This being said, don't you think that as the founder of AMCHA and the leadership position he's put himself in, he should be more responsible in what he announces to the press? His statement was completely wrong. He took an opportunity to speak about Jewidical verses in the Koran and Hadiths and the problem with fundamental Islam as motivators for this crime and wasted that opportunity. Rabbi Weiss has just seriously damaged his credibility and the credibility of AMCHA. Why give money to an organization that doesn't preach what it practices? There are plenty of other Israel advocacy groups that do speak up about Jihad (which is only found in Islam). He knows the score. He works with Arutz Sheva and Tovia Singer. Rabbi Weiss is very aware of Rabbi Kahane's z"l philosophies - yet by supporting and being supported by Arutz Sheva, which is located in the Yeshuva of Beit El, a community that memorialized and mourned Rabbi Kahane - he just basically called Rabbi Kahane a liar. Rabbi Weiss did more than just shoot himself in the foot by discrediting his own organization - he put Jewish lives in danger by perpetuating the lie that it's not about Islam. Why give to AMCHA when money is better spent supporting the Hudson Institute or Stand with Us or ACT for America or Americans Against Hate or Jihadwatch? These are all groups that DO speak the truth AND stand for Jews and Israel. The people who support AMCHA are the ones angry with him for his dhimmi press conference. He screwed up and he should say that he screwed up, out loud. Otherwise, he's as bad as that Nazi pope.
Pamela, any idea if they were affiliated with Hancock? Newburgh and Muslim converts - seems like it might.
Well they're gonna have to decide if they want to be Philistines (whose origins are from Greece) or are they Arabs (whose origins are from Saudi Arabia). Pam - this is well-put and this has been my outspoken position for years. In fact - this gives me an idea. I think I'm going to suggest a debate between myself and a liberal Jew in front of a Jewish audience to come up with a solution for Israel's problems. I think in an arena like that - it might actually make people think. Every Jew who recognizes these truths should educate him/herself if not already, and offer town hall type debate at their local shul or a debate if you can with the topic being "What is the solution for peace in Israel?"
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Sorry, Pamela. This post is utterly confusing. It's out of left-field and it references stories from 2008 and it starts assuming people know who Goldberg, et al. are. I'm not saying this to be critical but because I want to understand what you're trying to convey.