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Is Wall Street reformed? Four years after Dodd Frank signed, financial reform remains quite a mess. @SuzyKhimm — Anat Admati (@anatadmati) July 22, 2014 “The law is messy, and implementation is even messier,” said Anat Admati, a professor of... Continue reading
#trust breach @Telegraph: Revealed - names & ages 132 Palestinian kids killed in Gaza.— Ros Searle (@ProfSearle) July 22, 2014 #trust breach 4 most vul. So tragic @Belalmd12: 1 of injuries handled in the previous half hour, another... Continue reading
The Japan Times, 9th July 2014 The business environment surrounding U.S. companies has changed and they are looking for ways to not only survive, but thrive against severe competition. Four U.S. business school lecturers presented a series of lectures on... Continue reading
Cheryl Wakslak, an assistant professor at the University of Southern California Marshall School of Business, lead author on the study... How to Get Ahead by Speaking Vaguely — Dr Paul Howe (@DrPaulHowe) July 21, 2014 Continue reading
Cheryl Wakslak, an assistant professor at the University of Southern California Marshall School of Business, lead author on the study How to Get Ahead by Speaking Vaguely — Dr Paul Howe (@DrPaulHowe) July 21, 2014 Continue reading
Interesting survey of CFOs regarding financial issues facing higher ed — Jim Dean (@TarHeelProvost) July 21, 2014 Continue reading Hey HELSINKI ! Come to TechCrunch Helsinki Meetup With Aaltoes, July 23 — Mike Butcher (@mikebutcher) July 21, 2014 Continue reading
#Climatechange webpage from @WhiteHouse includes news, numbers, #dataviz: #ActOnClimate — EPoD (@EPoDHarvard) July 17, 2014 Tweets by @EPoDHarvard Continue reading
My experience entirely: blog post on how hiking improves your health and frame of mind see — Bob Bruner (@Bob_Bruner) July 20, 2014 Continue reading
It's finally here! So happy to be returning to @EmoryGoizueta as dean. Looking forward to hearing from all of you. — Dean Erika James (@erikahjames) July 15, 2014 Tweets by @erikahjames Continue reading
David Schweidel (faculty page) joined the Goizueta Business School faculty in 2012. His research focuses on the development and application of statistical models to understand customer behavior, specifically in the context of customer relationship management and customer valuation. His current... Continue reading
Image - see below - news The BC3, Basque Centre for Climate Change, has been ranked second place in the Climate Think Tank Ranking, ahead of 293 public and private organisations working in the field of climate change economics... Continue reading
The London School of Economics and Political Science Samuela Bassi and Dimitri Zenghelis Policy paper July 2014 Centre for Climate Change Economics and Policy Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment ... However, the case for lowering... Continue reading Abre un supermercado sin envases que no genera residuos - Hay que ir a verlo :-) — Guillermo de Haro (@GuillermoDeHaro) July 16, 2014 Video with English subtitles: Beyond dominating soccer, Germans are also rethinking the #supermarket.... Continue reading
Image Daily downloaded articles for all of DASH Scholarly access to all: @Harvard digital repository draws millions of readers @oscharvard #DASH #openaccess — Berkman Center (@berkmancenter) July 16, 2014 Continue reading
Today: A monument for Lise Meitner @HumboldtUni in Berlin: #science #physics — Molopama (@molopama) July 10, 2014 HU-Startup Webpgr gewinnt beim German Silicon Valley Accelerator — Humboldt-Universität (@HumboldtUni) May 20, 2014 The HU-Startup Webpgr has won the... Continue reading
(The fund had $55 million) "Now the world must show its colours," Merkel told the fifth informal meeting in Berlin of representatives of 35 countries, which was held to discuss a new climate change treaty. "Every delay comes at a... Continue reading
January 7, 2014 MIT Sloan MIT Sloan finance professor Andrew Lo applies a hedge fund approach to increasing investment in drug development .. Lo does not fault Big Pharma for this dilemma, noting that most large pharmaceutical companies are public... Continue reading
"Do you have a Global Mindset?" - my latest LinkedIn post: @LinkedIn @Pulse — Santiago Iniguez (@SantiagoIniguez) July 15, 2014 Continue reading Brzoza-Brzezina, M. (SGH), Kotłowski, J. (SGH), „Measuring the Natural Yield Curve”, Applied Economics, 2014, Vol. 46, Nr 17, s. 2052 - 2065{resultBean.queryID}#.U3HCxyiGcy Marcin Kolasa (SGH), Giovanni Lombardo, Financial frictions and optimal monetary policy in an open economy, International... Continue reading
July 14, 2014 ... Today, Gabriel Madirolas and Gonzalo De Polavieja at the Cajal Institute in Madrid, Spain, say they found a way to analyse the answers from a crowd which allows them to remove this kind of bias... Continue reading
No, race does not explain growing class difference in youth obesity. Our piece in the current issue of PNAS — Kaisa Snellman (@KaisaSnellman) June 3, 2014 Continue reading
Blablacar de F.Mazzella #MBA #INSEAD lève 100 millions $ pour accélérer son développement international via @LesEchos — INSEADAlumni_Fr (@IAAFrance) July 2, 2014 RT @jberrebi: The BlaBlaCar last fundraising is an awesome lesson for startuppers who wants an exit after... Continue reading Random House (April 8, 2014) Steve Jobs—not a man inclined to hyperbole when asked about the qualities ... Ed Catmull as 'very wise,' 'very self-aware,' 'really thoughtful,' 'really, really smart,' “The most practical and deep book ever... Continue reading CEOs see greater organizational openness ahead. But as rules are refined and collaboration explodes, how will they avoid chaos, protect the business and deliver results? In speaking face-to-face with 1,709 CEOs, general managers and senior public sector leaders around... Continue reading