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Recent Activity Menuda difusión! "Como invertir en la nueva bolsa española para start-ups" en @CincoDiascom lleva ya 200 twits: — Bewa7er (@Bewa7er) August 19, 2014 Articulazo y portada en @CincoDiascom sobre @Bewa7er :) (de @marimarjimenez) — François Derbaix... Continue reading
Elite British graduates are less interested in serving their country than their French counterparts— LSE EUROPP blog (@LSEEuroppblog) August 25, 2014 Continue reading ( Interview with El pais on US longer-term growth (in English): — Gayle Allard (@GayleAllard) July 22, 2014 Editorial on the need for more reform in Spain (in Spanish): — Gayle Allard (@GayleAllard) July 25, 2014 Continue reading
Looking for @TuckSchool in the media? Some of our picks @sydfinkelstein @paulargenti @vgovindarajan @ronadner #lead — TuckExecEd (@TuckExecEd) August 23, 2014 You'll want to get an MBA after viewing the new video by Dartmouth's Tuck School of Business Continue reading
First anti-corruption report published 03/02/2014 Corruption continues to be a big challenge for Europe - a phenomenon that costs the EU economy around 120 billion euros per year. Europeans are deeply worried about corruption - 76% of them believe... Continue reading
"The Circumstances of Leadership" (Lord Horatio Nelson), my latest post on @LinkedIn @Pulse — Santiago Iniguez (@SantiagoIniguez) August 25, 2014 Continue reading For U.S. readers as the video is from Hulu. Wikipedia - Michael Moritz Sir Michael Jonathan Moritz KBE was born in Cardiff, Wales. He was educated at Howardian High School in Cardiff before moving on to Christ Church, Oxford,... Continue reading
Smart apps for smartphones and smarter kids - @khanacademy @duolingo @quizlet @remind @edmodo — John Doerr (@johndoerr) August 22, 2014 Learning a new language? Here’s 12 European startups that want to help incl. @busuu @lingualeo @babbel and more!—... Continue reading
NEW - Owning the Future: How Britain can Make it in a Fast Changing World @ChukaUmunna edited e-book & pamphlet — Policy Network (@policynetwork) August 18, 2014 Chuka Umunna is UK Shadow Business Secretary and Member of Parliament for... Continue reading
Jennifer L. Castle, David F. Hendry, 13 August 2014 A typical Oxford University econometrics exam question might take the form: “Data mining is bad, so mining with more candidate variables than observations must be pernicious. Discuss.” Similar questions may well... Continue reading
#SMSMadrid Off-site ENTR & Strategy PreCon WKSP: The Intersection b/t Entrepreneurship and the Base of the Pyramid — StratMgmtSociety (@Strategic_Mgmt) August 14, 2014 Off-site Entrepreneurship & Strategy Pre-Conference Workshop Location: The IE campus in Madrid Title/Theme: "The Intersection between... Continue reading
Sarah E. Light Assistant Professor of Legal Studies and Business Ethics Research Interests: environmental law and policy, environmental dispute resolution, legislation and statutory interpretation, administrative law, the regulatory state, private environmental governance Links: CV Why climate change "needs to be... Continue reading
"Christian is an associate professor of #strategy @WarwickBSchool. Check out his recent book ENDURING SUCCESS. African mega cities are an ideal breeding ground for entrepreneurs. @MadeItInAfrica @dinfinkenya @Jaco_Maritz — Christian Stadler (@EnduringSuccess) August 11, 2014 Lots of people... Continue reading
Excellent Sheep: The Miseducation of the American Elite and the Way to a Meaningful Life (Amazon) - Free Press (August 19, 2014) "William Deresiewicz is one of America's best young public intellectuals. He has written a passionate, deeply informed, and... Continue reading
The effect of counterparty credit risk on American options, July 14, 2014, Peter Klein, Beedie School of Business Professor of Finance Professor & Associate Dean at Simon Fraser University: operations, innovation & change, social media, creative consumers, strategy and management... Continue reading California’s employment could be suppressed about 0.2% during the next few years because of the drought, according to the UCLA Anderson Forecast. April 2014 California adds more than 27,000 jobs in July, @uclaforecast’s @jnickelsburg says unemployment rate trending down... Continue reading
"Learning ‘Strategic Intent’ from Moby Dick" my latest post on @LinkedIn @Pulse — Santiago Iniguez (@SantiagoIniguez) August 19, 2014 Continue reading
Why we should abandon shareholder capitalism and return to stakeholder capitalism: — Robert Reich (@RBReich) August 10, 2014 A new study (PDF, 42 pages) scheduled to be published in this fall by Princeton’s Martin Gilens and Northwestern University’s Benjamin... Continue reading
What enables you to be successful as an entrepreneur? Having someone who believes in you when no one else does — Stanford Business (@StanfordBiz) August 18, 2014 Continue reading
Most Europeans think their societies are far less equal than they are, while Americans are unusual in believing that their country is somewhat more equal than it really is. Fascinating study of inequality perceptions & realities MT Europe pessimistic on... Continue reading
Nitin Nohria raises awareness of ALS. He nominates Drew Faust, @Bill_George & Rakesh Khurana. #ALSIceBucketChallenge — Harvard Business (@HarvardHBS) August 18, 2014 Continue reading Dean Santiago Iniguez will respond to your questions and propose ideas as a "VIP guest" in one of the 10 themes of discussion. Participants can log in from any mobile device, from anywhere, at anytime. You’ll collaborate with people... Continue reading
Forbes, 7 August, 2014 For the last two months, German startup accelerator Rocket Internet has been working toward an initial public offering, holding meetings with potential investors before making any formal announcements of its intentions. Going public was to be... Continue reading
want to see unconventional example of corp engagement w #entrepreneurs? 7-11's VC fund @scaleup_MKE @bschupper — Daniel Isenberg (@danisen) August 12, 2014 RT @journalsentinel: Aaron Rodgers and that ALS ice bucket challenge whatever raises awareness for that awful... Continue reading