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Expansión, 22 Nov 2014 Desde el jueves ya podemos leer en español el famosísimo libro de Thomas Piketty El capital en el siglo XXI, que aunque se publicó en francés el año pasado no tuvo un éxito rotundo hasta que... Continue reading
17 Nov 2014, Why relying on GDP will destroy the world, The Telegraph (includes video) GDP is not the only way to measure global growth, and leaning on it too heavily has left the world "teetering on the brink of... Continue reading
Los 50 intelectuales iberoamericanos más influyentes 2014 ¿Quiénes son? — esglobal (@esglobal_org) November 19, 2014 Continue reading
HRK, German Rectors’ Conference publishes reader on the potential and problems of MOOCs "We must identify the potential and the problems of MOOCs and decide on this basis whether they offer added value for individual universities," says HRK President, Professor... Continue reading
See our new proposal that tries to operationalize the Commission € 300 bn investment package — Euro2030 (@Euro2030Group) October 31, 2014 May 2014: In a rare move, a group of young public servants and diplomats based in... Continue reading
Birmingham Post, November 19, 2014 Professor George Feiger, the executive dean of Aston Business School, is to join the advisory board of Staffordshire-based wealth management firm Sorbus Partners. Mr Feiger has considerable experience within the financial services sector having held... Continue reading
Why the Internet won’t kill #BSchool classrooms: #OpEd from Dean Glenn Hubbard in @FortuneMagazine. — ColumbiaBizNews (@ColumbiaBizNews) November 18, 2014 Continue reading
Case | HBS Case Collection | March 2014 (Revised August 2014) Prodigy Network: Democratizing Real Estate Design and Financing by Karim R. Lakhani, Katja Hutter and Greta Friard Tuesday18th Nov 2014, 19:00--20:30, Location: Area 31 Our keynote speaker, Rodrigo... Continue reading
We collaborated across social sciences, over continents, for years. At 3:00, @PNASNews publishes our findings: Diversity Deflates Bubbles— Dr. Sheen S. Levine (@sslevine) November 17, 2014 Karl Moore interviews Sheen S. Levine on the upside of diversity for @globeandmail via... Continue reading
Busting myth that #environmental #regulation kills #competitiveness @CEP_LSE Dechezleprêtre @GRI_LSE — John Van Reenen (@johnvanreenen) November 18, 2014 Amazing visualization of a year in the life of Earth's CO2 Via @NASAGoddard — Grantham Research (@GRI_LSE) November 18, 2014 Continue reading
Four livestreams: Dr. Lauri Järvilehto Author and researcher, Philosophy Academy, Helsinki, Finland, will be at This philosopher and author is going to tell about his research on fun learning and how he is building a fun learning research... Continue reading
Financial Times, Della Bradshaw, 3 October 2014 American Maury Peiperl is to be the next director (dean) of Cranfield University School of Management ... From 1992 to 2005 Prof Peiperl worked at London Business School, where he helped establish the... Continue reading
Our views of Society could be vindicated sooner than you think: I rely very much on the sound judgement of my... — Edouard Husson (@edouardhusson) November 17, 2014 Dear Edmund, ... Our countries have lost any sense of a... Continue reading
Free excerpts from book "Rebalancing Society" to be published in January 2015 (Jan 2015) Managers, like spouses, should be selected for their flaws as much as for their qualities. — Henry Mintzberg (@Mintzberg141) November 1, 2014 Continue reading
Professor and Head of the Department of Business and Politics, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark My new book is out now! First follower to RT this wins a free copy! #Elgaronline #NewElgarBook — Susana Borras (@SusanaBorras) November 16, 2014 Chapter... Continue reading
See my new blog post, "Optimistic Investors," about this week's UVA Investing Conference #UVIC — Bob Bruner (@Bob_Bruner) November 14, 2014 Advice to students. 1. Learn to code—not to be professional software coders, but to be able to talk... Continue reading
February 2013: November 2014 (76 pages) "El mercado ha pronosticado diez de las últimas tres recesiones”. El semanario británico The Economist , en su edición “ The World in 2014 ”, publicada en Octubre de 2013 (fecha en... Continue reading
Are managers at the mercy of external forces ? #GPDF14 session with @martinwolf_ @PankajGhemawat & @DovSeidman chaired by Peter Day — Global Drucker Forum (@GDruckerForum) November 13, 2014 Management is restrained by available ressources,history of Cies & legal settings @martinwolf_... Continue reading
RT @ErinMeyerINSEAD: This Can Make Your Global Team Work #strategy #leadership — strategy+business (@stratandbiz) November 12, 2014 - article November 10, 2014 In a multicultural workplace, misunderstandings happen. If your British manager tells you something is “interesting,” does... Continue reading Effects of CO2 linger for centuries, so historical emissions are relevant context for global climate policy: debate. — Jason Pontin (@jason_pontin) November 13, 2014 Continue reading
U.S.A ranking of Best Business Schools 2014 International Ranking, "Best International Business Schools 2014" 1. Ivey School of Business - Western Ontario 2. IE Business School - IE University 3. European School of Management and Technology Continue reading
Cost of air pollution @OECD is $1.6 trillion a year. For #India = $1.5 trillion #China = $0.4 trillion @CCACoalition — OECD Environment (@OECD_ENV) November 10, 2014 "How Air Quality Can Sink Student Test Scores", BusinessWeek, November 10, 2014... Continue reading
We're ready to go for our Annual Conference 2014. You can join the conversation on #ABSconf2014 — The ABS (@TheABS_UK) November 9, 2014 Continue reading
The Institutional Development of Business Schools. @EFMDNews @BizDeansTalk @AACSB @BizEdMag @AOMConnect @TheABS_UK — Wilfred Mijnhardt (@wmijnhardt) November 6, 2014 ( Oxford University Press, Edited by Andrew M. Pettigrew, Eric Cornuel, and Ulrich Homm, Nov 2014 ) Andrew Pettigrew is... Continue reading