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Also author of The StratEDgy blog, Inside Higher Education The Shifting Landscape of #MgmtEd #highered — Margaret Andrews (@AndrewsMargaret) March 15, 2015 Continue reading
April 14, 2015 It’s easy to assume Apple Pay is one in a long line of disruptive innovations from the master of serial disruption. But this time that’s not the case. Apple isn’t behaving as a disruptor here; it’s... Continue reading
Watch my interview with TheStreet on New Lending for A New Economy: via @TheStreetTV— Lawrence H. Summers (@LHSummers) April 16, 2015 Financial system that is more diverse, will be a financial system that is more stable.See my remarks today@LendItConf... Continue reading Feb 2014 April 10, 2015 My blog post about getting the XLRI Alumnus award — Gautam Ghosh (@GautamGhosh) November 29, 2014 Continue reading
Three arguments for why we need humanities and the liberal arts. My column: — Nicholas Kristof (@NickKristof) April 16, 2015 Continue reading
Excellent! see also my article "The Human Difference" on @NickKristof @drjohanroos #GPDF15 — Richard Straub (@rstraub46) April 16, 2015 Continue reading
I just uploaded 'Revisiting the role of the environment in the capabilities–financial performanc...' to @academia! — amit karna (@amitkarna) April 4, 2015 Continue reading
ICYMI: Day one highlights from Skoll World Forum: #SkollWF— Skoll World Forum (@SkollWorldForum) April 16, 2015 We're live! Watch "The Great Paradigm Shift" to see where #SocialProgress will take us in 50 years #SkollWF— Skoll World Forum (@SkollWorldForum)... Continue reading
April 10, 2015, - "A Business School Dean Explains Why So Few Women Have a Job Like Hers" Most MBA programs are run by men, and the reason goes back to the 1980s Alison Davis-Blake, dean of the University... Continue reading
@greenbiz Until very recently, most CFOs viewed sustainability as someone else’s job — a matter of compliance or philanthropy unrelated to the pressing concerns that typically keep financial executives up at night. A growing number of prominent CFOs have... Continue reading
.@UCLA approves faculty diversity requirement: — Inside Higher Ed (@insidehighered) April 13, 2015 Continue reading
April 9, 2015 .. The pitfalls of focusing on GDP alone are evident in the findings of the 2015 Social Progress Index, launched on April 9. The SPI, created in collaboration with Scott Stern of MIT and the nonprofit... Continue reading
Their prosthesis costs $45 to make, against the $10,000 cost of a similar limb made in the US. पीड़ परायी जाणे रे - One who knows the pain of others. #GandhiJee — Kriti Jain (@DrKritiJain) February 7, 2015 How... Continue reading It is unethical and untenable for universities, that seek to advance global development and health, to invest in the fossil fuels that cause climate change, say a group of 2,000 researchers at Academics Stand Against Poverty (Wikipedia) ... That... Continue reading
Congrats to @greenbillion & @ACUPCC school @UMNews @UMNSustain for reducing carbon emissions by 25% from 2008-2012 — ACUPCC (@ACUPCC) March 12, 2015 Continue reading
Just finished this read on hiring and management in a decade. by @LaszloBock2718 — Tom Rath (@TomCRath) April 8, 2015 First sighting of my book in Dubai! (US & UK version!) Any other sightings? #WorkRules —... Continue reading
fantastic: The science of protecting people’s feelings: why we pretend all opinions are equal — john seely brown (@jseelybrown) April 8, 2015 Continue reading
Chief Learning Officers will become the new leaders of organizations - @jseelybrown and I discuss the unmet need — John Hagel (@jhagel) April 6, 2015 Continue reading
A cutting-edge innovation and leadership guru, co-author of The Innovator’s DNA, and Executive Director of the MIT Leadership Center, Gregersen challenges organizations and individuals to question the way we think and act to make our world a better, more creative... Continue reading Speaker Bio: Sir Michael Barber is Chief Education Advisor at Pearson – responsible for putting in place a process to ensure that all Pearson's products and services demonstrably deliver improved learner outcomes. He is chair of the Pearson Affordable... Continue reading The writer is a Howard Hughes Medical Institute professor, currently serving as associate professor in the departments of Biomedical Engineering and Medicine at Boston University. He tweets @mhzaman Continue reading
The young generation in #Africa is much better educated. From my project: — Max Roser (@MaxCRoser) April 6, 2015 Continue reading