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Image More than 3,500 respondents from 101 countries participated in our online survey in 2014. (See Exhibit 1.) We also conducted 64 in-depth interviews with HR and non-HR executives at leading companies in a variety of regions.... A central finding... Continue reading 1. Better access for consumers and businesses to digital goods and services Facilitating cross-border e-commerce,especially for SMEs, with harmonised consumer and contract rules and with more efficient and affordable parcel delivery. Today only 15% of consumers shop online from... Continue reading
Dean Peter Tufano writes about the growing trend to define business in terms of “a broader purpose” @FinancialTimes — Saïd Business School (@OxfordSBS) March 26, 2015 Continue reading
Prof. Alberto Alemanno MOOC on Coursera: Welcome to @TheGoodLobby a network of individuals pooling their skills to lobby for the public good @eLabEurope — Alberto Alemanno (@alemannoEU) March 25, 2015 Alberto Alemanno and Lamin Khadar kindly ask you... Continue reading
Monica McGrath is the Vice Dean for the Aresty Institute of Executive Education at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. She is also an Adjunct Assistant Professor of Management focused on women and executive leadership. ...the only... Continue reading By understanding how the duties of the chief strategy officer (CSO) can vary significantly from organization to organization, boards and CEOs can make better decisions about which type of CSO is necessary for their leadership teams. ... Based on... Continue reading
This article is published in collaboration with LinkedIn, "Embracing diversity enhances leadership skills (*)", March 19, 2015 ...Rather than going for specialization, my advice to young professionals would be to opt for semi-specialization, an approach that allows us to be... Continue reading
What should truly shock you is the near-complete absence of stigma adhering to corporate boards or executives following all this corporate misbehavior. Bad Behavior at Business School Becomes Corporate Misconduct Later — Jeffrey Pfeffer (@JeffreyPfeffer) September 16, 2014 Continue reading
What Rebekah Brooks can teach us about power — Jeffrey Pfeffer (@JeffreyPfeffer) March 20, 2015 ...In the real world, outcome interdependence is common. If I choose a subordinate, select an advisor, or help pick a co-worker or teammate, my... Continue reading
Think asking for advice is a sign of weakness? Think again, says #research c/a by prof @ME_Schweitzer: — Wharton PR & News (@WhartonSchoolPR) March 11, 2015 "When Better Is Worse: Envy and the Use of Deception" with Simone Moran,... Continue reading
Why business should invest in women in agriculture Why women #entrepreneurs could be #agriculture’s greatest resource #IWD15 #WomensDay — World Economic Forum (@wef) March 6, 2015 Continue reading March 2015 | by Saadia Zahidi تقديم الطلبات بدأ الآن! يرجى تقديم طلب على موقعنا على الانترنت قبل 10 أبريل! #Cairo #Egypt @WorldBank — WE'Resilient Cities (@WEResilient) March 12, 2015 Women Entrepreneuriale Resilient Cities Program in 2... Continue reading
Avoid the Transparency Trap: 4 ways to find the sweet spot between transparency & privacy @HarvardHBS @HBSAlumni — Ethan Bernstein (@ethanbernstein) September 11, 2014 Continue reading
A survey of more than 1,200 executives and managers by the American Management Association finds that, when asked whether their organizations prefer to recruit new employees versus retaining and developing current ones, only one-third cited the latter. ... Meanwhile, a... Continue reading
84% of UK CEOs cited the shortage of skills as a key business threat ( 1,322 CEOs interviewed in 77 countries UK business leaders across industries identify a clear challenge in the lack of access to the right talent... Continue reading
A good, important concept: entrepreneurial leaders in government #entrepreneurship via @HarvardHBS — Teresa Amabile (@TeresaAmabile) March 16, 2015 Continue reading
I laugh when people describe coaching as gentle and soft. When I ran, this is the style of coaching I was used to. — GianpieroPetriglieri (@gpetriglieri) March 15, 2015 Continue reading
Voilà pourquoi il faut une économie où on peut facilement créer de nouveaux secteurs, démarrer de nouvelles choses, car c’est cela qui compense les destructions d’emplois dans les secteurs devenus obsolètes. Mais pour cela, il faut à la fois de... Continue reading
Giving HR Excellence Award to 200 deans&rectors for creating attractive working conditions for EU researchers #HRS4R — Carlos Moedas (@Moedas) March 3, 2015 Continue reading
First big UK speech by @Moedas, EU Commissioner for Research & Innovation, 23 March @royalsociety Open to all. — James Wilsdon (@jameswilsdon) March 14, 2015 Continue reading
Chapter 1 by Wm. Blake Winchell, an adjunct professor at IE Business School Series: Inside the Minds Paperback: 160 pages Publisher: Aspatore Books (January 31, 2007) Biotechnology Venture Capital Investments is an authoritative, insiders perspective on the ins and... Continue reading
12 Straight: Financial Times Ranks Duke CE (Corporate Education) #1 Duke CE has also been ranked #1 six consecutive times in BusinessWeek’s biennial survey (2003 to 2013). To head the new company, IE has tapped VanDyck Silveira, former CEO... Continue reading
Many of society's biggest policy challenges — protecting the environment, providing healthcare, education, and safety, encouraging participation in the democratic process — are social dilemmas. These challenges require individuals to bear personal costs in order to benefit others, a behavior... Continue reading - "Tech entrepreneur ‘brain-drain’ to US is a source of concern, say researchers" Europe is undergoing a significant technology entrepreneur brain-drain to the United States because it is not doing enough to retain information and communication technology (ICT) start-up... Continue reading