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Iceland no1 on WEF Gender Gap Index 2015. most equal society gender-wise— BizDeansTalk (@BizDeansTalk) November 23, 2015 The Global Gender Gap Report 2015 since 2006while the world has made progress overall, stubborn inequalities remain.— BizDeansTalk (@BizDeansTalk) November 23,... Continue reading
From @FPExecEditor The gift of a business education that keeps on giving — Financial Post (@financialpost) November 24, 2015 Continue reading
From @FPExecEditor MBA candidates compete on a world stage at Davos World Economic Forum — Financial Post (@financialpost) November 24, 2015 Continue reading
Alex Ferguson, the former manager of @ManUtd, shared five lessons in leadership during a talk at @StanfordBiz: — Stanford University (@Stanford) November 23, 2015 “Leading: Learning from Life and My Years at Manchester United” Book, 416 pages Hodder &... Continue reading
My new @LinkedIn post on immigration as the secret sauce of the US economy, with some @Wharton @penn experiences — Geoffrey Garrett (@garrett_geoff) November 23, 2015 Limited Time Offer: #ImmigrantExodus #ebook by @wadhwa only 99¢ @AmazonKindle: — WhartonDigitalPress... Continue reading
Jon Bon Jovi, the Jersey Shore and the Impact Investing Strategy via @nytimes @sullivanpaul #impinv — NatureVest (@NatureVest) November 4, 2015 Continue reading 20 November 2015 ... The plan is for the new company, called i(x) Investments, to invest in early-stage and undervalued companies that are working on issues such as clean energy, sustainable agriculture and water scarcity... Continue reading
5 metros-Montréal,Vancouver,Toronto,Ottawa & Calgary-account for 86% of venture capital 5 metros-Montréal,Vancouver,Toronto,Ottawa & Calgary-account for 86% of venture capital - — Richard Florida (@Richard_Florida) November 18, 2015 What does the #VC landscape look like in Canada? Our newest report,... Continue reading
"Sir Richard Branson: Formula E will be bigger than F1 by 2020", , 27/6/2015 (see video of Formula E racing coverage below) NEWS - Formula E to race in Mexico City this season. What do you think of the... Continue reading
How do you create a more ethical culture in banks? I'll about this @bbavoice conference next week @cassbusiness — André Spicer (@andre_spicer) November 13, 2015 Andre Spicer @cassbusiness says branding is driven via staff and internal comms not just... Continue reading
Among smart biz professionals, quality of behaviour distinguishes successful @IEbusiness — EFMD News (@EFMDNews) November 17, 2015 Continue reading
Nov 11, 2015, "Swiss top world ranking of business talent" - Deutsche Welle (DW) Lausanne-based business school IMD released its annual World Talent Report (PDF,118 pages) on Wednesday showing that Switzerland leads the way in developing, attracting and retaining talent... Continue reading
Rise of the Robots by Martin Ford is the FT/McKinsey Business Book of the Year #BBYA15— Andrew Hill (@andrewtghill) November 18, 2015 "Robots Are Coming..." my latest post on technology, AI and education in @LinkedIn @LikedInPulse— Santiago Iniguez... Continue reading
We're excited that the EU is going to start using our framework to compare their 272 regions. #WBLive— Michael E. Porter (@MichaelEPorter) October 29, 2015 If you're interested in learning more about the Social Progress Index, visit @socprogress #WBLive—... Continue reading
(Disruptive Demographics. Jim Johnson. ROI Research Magazine (October 2014)) Demographics expert encourages businesses to embrace immigration and accommodate a multigenerational workplace: — Ideas for Leaders (@Ideas4Leaders) November 12, 2015 Key Concept While demographics are never stationary, the demographic changes... Continue reading
13 Nov 2015 VIEWPOINT: According to a leading European ‘think tank’, tight immigration laws are linked to making countries less competitive. IMD professor Arturo Bris and senior economist José Caballero comment on these findings: With floods of migrants pouring... Continue reading
November 2 - Stiglitz: Here's How to Fix Inequality In his new book, a Nobel laureate outlines how the huge disparity arose and the huge course correction needed to address it. .... In his new book, Rewriting the Rules... Continue reading
“Racial Diversity, Racial Asymmetries, and Team Learning Environment: Effects on Performance” - March 2012 by Robin J. Ely, Irene Padavic and David A. Thomas Robin J. Ely - HBS Prof of Business Administration and Senior Associate Dean for Culture and... Continue reading
Au nom de @IEuniversity, je voudrais exprimer notre profonde solidarité avec nos amis Français en ces moments d’intense tristesse. — Santiago Iniguez (@SantiagoIniguez) November 16, 2015 Aujourd’hui nous sentons tous Parisiens et envoyons nos sincères condoléances à tous ceux qui... Continue reading
Attracting long-term investors requires Integrated Guidance @KKSAdvisors & @GenerationFndt #sustainable #esg — George Serafeim (@GeorgeSerafeim) November 11, 2015 Continue reading Dear Women by #WWCode Take a peek at the organization that has connected 50,000 women in technology careers. — Women Who Code (@WomenWhoCode) November 5, 2015 Continue reading ROBERT B. REICH is Chancellor’s Professor of Public Policy at the Richard and Rhoda Goldman School of Public Policy at the University of California, Berkeley, and senior fellow at the Blum Center for Developing Economies. He has served in... Continue reading
The Internet's Third Wave is about to break. @SteveCase explains more in his upcoming book "The Third Wave." — TechNet (@TechNetUpdate) November 9, 2015 My first book! @ThirdWaveBook: "Part memoir, part manifesto, part playbook of future" —... Continue reading
Welcome to Tokyo @joehas. I look forward to seeing you tomorrow at IE KMD Venture Day Tokyo. @IEbusiness @ParisDeletraz — Jeffrey Char (@JSeedVentures) November 12, 2015 Continue reading