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Planned Opportunism Prof Vijay Govindarajan (Tuck) May2016 — BizDeansTalk (@BizDeansTalk) May 3, 2016 #3boxsolution is #1 New Release in Strategy and Competition on Amazon— Vijay Govindarajan (@vgovindarajan) May 3, 2016 Continue reading
Remember: "Energy Within Environmental Constraints A quantitative introduction to the energy system and its environmental impacts"- Starts on June 8, 2016 The blended approach opens up new models of teaching. Anant Agarwal, CEO edX, May 3 — BizDeansTalk... Continue reading
Dean Matthew Slaughter (Tuck) discusses what manufacturing means to the U.S. economy on MPRnews — BizDeansTalk (@BizDeansTalk) May 2, 2016 Continue reading
Misleading Talk about Decoupling CO2 Emissions and Economic Growth May2 by Prof Robert Stavins (Harvard) “pet peeve” — BizDeansTalk (@BizDeansTalk) May 3, 2016 Robert N. Stavins is the Albert Pratt Professor of Business and Government, John F. Kennedy School... Continue reading
Six Spanish circular economy companies to watch Friday 29 April 2016— BizDeansTalk (@BizDeansTalk) May 2, 2016 Companies launch verified #EnvironmentalTechnologies taking steps towards a #CircularEconomy— EU Eco-innovation (@EU_ecoinno) April 11, 2016 On #EarthDay read on how #CircularEconomy... Continue reading
Press Release date: 17 February 2015 #InvestEU to help fund 40,000 homes in #France to become more energy efficient @EIB — EU Environment (@EU_ENV) May 1, 2016 The project will support the thermal refurbishment of residential buildings and... Continue reading
September, a coalition of over 200 building renovation leaders from across Europe will meet in Madrid -WorldGreenBuC— BizDeansTalk (@BizDeansTalk) April 29, 2016 36% of EU emissions are from buildings. Renovating them is "absolutely critical" to meet Paris Agreement Continue reading
2/2 New Politics for Clean Energy APR27 Jeffrey D. Sachs, Prof of Sustainable Dev, of Health Policy, Earth Institute— BizDeansTalk (@BizDeansTalk) April 30, 2016 Continue reading
How are Europe's labour markets performing, & what policies can best help them ? April27. R: — BizDeansTalk (@BizDeansTalk) April 30, 2016 Continue reading
Things successful college presidents do:— Chronicle (@chronicle) April 29, 2016 Continue reading
Which degree will make you a better leader? #leadership #education— World Economic Forum (@wef) April 29, 2016 Continue reading
Best sources for news & commentary on #highered? We've got you covered! — University Affairs (@UA_magazine) April 23, 2016 Continue reading
Here's the livestream for #whatworks2016: #socialprogress #beyondGDP— Michael Green (@shepleygreen) April 28, 2016 What does @MichaelEPorter think is needed to improve our understanding of economic development? #WhatWorks2016— Social Progress (@socprogress) April 28, 2016 Continue reading
Q+A: What Bill Gates has up his sleeve for investing in energy technology - by @jason_pontin — MIT Tech Review (@techreview) April 25, 2016 Continue reading The economic models that are used to inform climate policy currently contain an unhealthy dose of wishful thinking. Technologies that remove carbon dioxide from the air are assumed in the models that avoid dangerous climate change – but such... Continue reading
The Reading Habits of Ultra-Successful People, Merle 21 April— BizDeansTalk (@BizDeansTalk) April 25, 2016 Continue reading
"The MBA isn't mature, but some B-schools may be"-Dean @santiagoiniguez latest LinkedIn influencer post Apr 23, 2016 — BizDeansTalk (@BizDeansTalk) April 25, 2016 Continue reading
Nominations are NOW OPEN for the 2016 @AspenInstitute #FacultyPioneer Awards! More info → — Aspen BSP (@AspenBizSociety) April 1, 2016 Know a b-school professor teaching about #ClimateChange? Nominate today for the #FacultyPioneer award! @netimpact— Aspen BSP (@AspenBizSociety)... Continue reading
blog post on cheap solar power, why it matters, where are the limits, and why i need to eat crow: @ENGSCI137x — David Keith (@DKeithClimate) April 24, 2016 Continue reading
What can you do to #ActOnClimate? Here are some resources that can help you get started: Feb 5 — BizDeansTalk (@BizDeansTalk) April 21, 2016 Continue reading
New speaker series promotes university expertise to solve the world’s pressing issues | #HigherEd — Patrice Houdayer (@PatriceHoudayer) April 21, 2016 Continue reading
RSM's initiative for providing blended learning to refugees by Samer Abdelnour, mentioned in Times Higher Education — Steef van de Velde (@SteefvdVelde) April 24, 2016 Continue reading
The Munger Operating System: How to Live a Life That Really Works April13 2007,commencement address, USC Law School — BizDeansTalk (@BizDeansTalk) April 24, 2016 Continue reading
At 1st annual conf of Imperial College Business School with Grantham Inst of Climate & Environment on Mobilising Business, Acting on Climate— Anand Anandalingam (@DeanAnand) April 21, 2016 Continue reading
Read all about the unprecedented opportunities the #ParisAgreement will unlock for business:— We Mean Business (@WMBtweets) April 20, 2016 The world’s CEOs & policymakers must work together to keep global warming below 2C. Join them at #BusinessClimate—... Continue reading