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Watch for free - Video: Objectives of collaboration abroad — Business Education (@ftbized) May 15, 2015 Continue reading
[Carte] Kedge Business School roule désormais à l'électrique — TPBMpaca (@TPBMpaca) May 22, 2015 Continue reading
Congrats to 1st ever woman Entrepreneur Of The Year from Saudi Arabia @lwallan!! Look forward to seeing you #WEOY @EY_EOY @EY_MENA @Yatook — Maria Pinelli (@MTPinelli) May 8, 2015 Continue reading The 2015 Global Entrepreneurship Summit will be held in Nairobi, Kenya, on July 25-26. Continue reading
Your Future as a Recruiter: You Better Know How to Sell, Because Most of What You Do Today Will Be Done… — Dr John Sullivan (@DrJohnSullivan) May 19, 2015 Continue reading
Why Millennials must speak up to negotiate higher salaries .. @MillennialMagz @MillennialMktg — Kimberly Whitler (@KimWhitler) May 24, 2015 Continue reading
Tnx @werdelin. Fun talking w you RT: Making large companies work well with small ones. and — Beth Comstock (@bethcomstock) May 20, 2015 Continue reading
May 21, 2015 Over the past two decades, there have been many attempts to reform the electric utility market. The costly and complex operations of transporting energy have made utilities natural monopolies, while regulatory barriers and the high fixed... Continue reading
My new book is nearly out and it feels good! — Dr Tazeeb Rajwani (@Tazeeb) April 28, 2015 Continue reading
Retiring CEO Diana Oblinger offers "7 Reflections" on her time with EDUCAUSE: — EDUCAUSEreview (@EDUCAUSEreview) April 28, 2015 + 3 Priorities for EDUCAUSE’s Next CEO - January 21, 2015 Congratulations to John O’Brien on his selection as the... Continue reading
#WhatsNewWeds @DAAD_Germany plans German studies research hub at @Cambridge_Uni with 5yrs funding. #research — EDUCAUSEreview (@EDUCAUSEreview) April 29, 2015 Who says German is difficult to learn? @GermanyNY — DAAD News (@DAAD_Germany) May 7, 2015 #90yearsDAAD: The DAAD has... Continue reading Regardless of how you go about incorporating exercise into your routine, reframing it as part of your job makes it a lot easier to make time for it. Remember, you’re not abandoning work. On the contrary: You’re ensuring that... Continue reading
Why Exercising Is a Higher Priority Than My Career (Entrepreneur) — BizDeansTalk (@BizDeansTalk) May 20, 2015 Continue reading
Apr 29, 2015 Computational social science aims to discover universal facts. Until recently, using entire populations as data sets was impossible—or at least impractical—given limitations on data collection processes and analytical capabilities. But that is changing. ... The ability... Continue reading
Dr John Sullivan is an internationally known HR thought-leader from the Silicon Valley who specializes in providing bold and high business impact; strategic Talent Management solutions to large corporations. He’s a prolific author with over 900 articles and 10 books... Continue reading main article of 20th May 2015 Student Evaluations: Feared, Loathed, and Not Going Anywhere - See more at: — ... Don’t give students too much time at the end of class to fill out the forms. “If they’re... Continue reading Jan-April, 928.985 free online lessons taken. Share learning portal with schools around world reach more children! — BizDeansTalk (@BizDeansTalk) May 18, 2015 Lessons Math Science Environmental Skills Computer Skills Health Language Arts Life Skills Nick van Dam... Continue reading ... The practice is part of SAP’s broader strategy to increase the number of women recruited into science, technology, engineering and math, or STEM, roles. The company’s goal is to have 25 percent of its leadership team represented by... Continue reading
The 4 types of Geeks you need and how to Recruit them by @MyShar0na #CIO #leadership #HR — Tracy Petrillo (@2be2learn) May 15, 2015 Continue reading 5) Focus On Improvement When you frame things as a win/lose scenario and they don’t go well, you’re a loser. And so you quit. When you take the perspective that everything is a learning experience, there are no winners... Continue reading
"Look to the Future: Increase your empathy" my latest post in @LinkedIn @LikedInPulse — Santiago Iniguez (@SantiagoIniguez) May 15, 2015 ... There are still many in management who believe in Machiavelli’s dictum, outlined in The Prince, that it is... Continue reading
Bond with your classmates over the weekend in Tarifa, and get a class with a IKO certified company. e.g. (top in Tripadvisor) (only in Spanish(?)) The Kite Metropolis of Europe, if not of the world. Continue reading
"The fine art of delivering negative feedback" my latest post in @LinkedIn @LinkedInPulse — Santiago Iniguez (@SantiagoIniguez) May 4, 2015 Continue reading
Our latest ranking lists the best Executive MBAs — The Economist (@TheEconomist) May 15, 2015 Continue reading
What to do if you're ever upset at work #wol — John Stepper (@johnstepper) May 13, 2015 Continue reading