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December 15, 2014, Stanford SOCIAL INNOVATION Review - This Year’s 10 Most Popular SSIR Articles What do unconditional cash transfers, brain science, big data, and collective impact have in common? They were all subjects covered in the top SSIR... Continue reading
December 17, 2017 That is the argument that Henrik Jacobsen Kleven, a professor at the London School of Economics, offers to explain the exceptional rates of participation in the work force among citizens of Sweden, Norway and his native... Continue reading December 17, 2014 After years of stress, in-fighting, anxiety and admin, the day has almost arrived: on 18 December, the results of the latest university research audit will be released. The research excellence framework (REF), an exercise that... Continue reading
Launch of New Cancer Care Payment Model - by @MDAndersonNews and @myUHC #healthcare — Michael E. Porter (@MichaelEPorter) December 15, 2014 October 2011 Solving the heath care cost crisis, HBR, Profs. Porter and Kaplan. Costs vs. Outcomes "has never... Continue reading Dreamforce helps largest amount of NGOs with enterprise level of services. Help solve hunger! Bring canned food to #SalesforceTour Minneapolis on 12/11 or donate online: — Dreamforce (@Dreamforce) December 7, 2014 Continue reading
December 2013 + January 15, 2014 "The upshot is that, as you scale an organization, getting rid of the hierarchy--or even assuming that a flatter one is better--is the wrong goal," writes Sutton. "Your job is to build... Continue reading
My thoughts on science fiction, future of wearables, women in tech, regulation.. #NavigateTech Cc @Cisco — Padmasree (@Padmasree) December 10, 2014 Continue reading
October 2014 - The Glaring Gender Dilemma Silicon Valley Venture Capitalists Are Hiding From September 2014 - Women in Tech - Why Are They Still Invisible? August 2014 - Silicon Valley's Boys Club July 2014 -... Continue reading
Read the latest interview given by Dianne Bevelander on "Women in Business and Academia" — Dianne Bevelander (@Dianne_RSM) December 12, 2014 Continue reading
Women & men influence sensitivity in workplace teams but not how once thought via @CUChronicle. — Johnson at Cornell (@Cornell_MBA) December 12, 2014 Continue reading Dr Dennis Lendrem, of the University of Newcastle, said: "Idiotic risks are defined as senseless risks, where the apparent payoff is negligible or non existent, and the outcome is often extremely negative and often final". ie Lifestyle - LIFE... Continue reading Une nouvelle étude @HarvardBiz pointe l'écart important entre les ambitions pro des femmes et la réalité — GrandesEcolesFeminin (@GEFeminin) December 12, 2014 US, les femmes créent des #startups à un rythme 1,5 fois > aux hommes. Conseils... Continue reading
December 8, 2014 Creativity from Constraint? How the Political Correctness Norm Influences Creativity in Mixed-sex Work Groups Jack A. Goncalo1 Jennifer A. Chatman2 Michelle M. Duguid3 Jessica A. Kennedy4 1Cornell University 2University of California, Berkeley 3Washington University in St.... Continue reading
German Cabinet gives nod to increase number of women on boards via @WSJ — Dean Erika James (@erikahjames) December 11, 2014 Continue reading
Interesting: how data can help make fashion more ethical by showing it's 'story' @WiredUK— Etsy UK (@EtsyUK) December 10, 2014 Leaving Paris. Per usual, loved every second. Thanks to Le Web for having me, and to AirBnB for being... Continue reading Continue reading There are also eight related Google apps on the playstore, released Wednesday December 10, 2014. ( ) Continue reading
November 6, 2015, Professor Dennis J. Snower (born 14 October 1950) is an American economist and President of the Kiel Institute for the World Economy and Professor of Economics at the Christian-Albrechts Universität zu Kiel. - "Competition and Cooperation... Continue reading
"Benefits from appreciating Nature " my latest post in on @LinkedIn — Santiago Iniguez (@SantiagoIniguez) December 8, 2014 Continue reading Oye @CttcTech VentureOut Spain abrio la inscripcion para el programa de Enero en 2015 en NYC avisen a sus startups — VentureOutNY (@VentureOutNY) December 9, 2014 Don't miss your chance to meet some great German startups at our... Continue reading
Two of the superb surveys edited this year are: @lugaricano & Rossi-Hansberg Costinot & Vogel — Pol Antras (@pol_antras) December 8, 2014 ECB could fix euro zone flaw with risk-free bond (think tank) Reuters on my proposal with... Continue reading
Asian M.B.A. Schools Rise in Esteem for Employers ... The fourth annual Emerging-Trendence Global Employability Ranking organizes the world’s top 150 universities according to surveys of 2,500 international recruiters in 20 countries, with the most responses coming from the... Continue reading
Management #Thinkers who Influenced us in 2014 in India. Nirmalya Kumar @ProfKumar @TataCompanies is #1 @thinkers50 — Competitiveness (@arthsastra) December 9, 2014 Nirmalya Kumar (Prof. LBS) Marketing and India Jul 7, 2013 ... Dr. Nirmalya Kumar is Professor... Continue reading ... A lot of ink has been spilled on these topics, and both individuals and organizations have focused on gender gaps in business and other sectors. Can anything more be said? The 50th anniversary of the admission of women... Continue reading
Research:MBAs lectured on rationality & self-interest have lower salaries than those trained behaviorally @OrgMgmtRev — Dr. Sheen S. Levine (@sslevine) December 6, 2014 Continue reading