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Heather Robinson
Maple Valley, WA
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I had the best time at PAX! I was SUPER sad I was too late to see your awesome hour! I nearly cried when I got to the theater (just over an hour early) and was told that the line was capped off and that even the stand by line was capped off. =( BUT then I got to get a pic with you and it made it all better. Although it was super embarrassing because I was with my friend who had never been to PAX and I'm sorry to say didn't know who you are. So it was awfully embarrassing when I almost started crying when I asked for a pic with you. And then had to ask a second time because her phone took a blurry pic! Anyway I'm sure I seemed like a crazy girl who has no self control (partially true). What I wanted to tell you is that I just watched Stand By Me and thought it was really good! (I’m a HUGE star trek fan and as my friend pointed out Stand By Me was filmed before I was born, that is my excuse for only now seeing it). And that I’m now finishing season three of Eureka and can’t wait till I get to the season you’re in! Although very sad to know that it’s now been cancelled. =( Thanks for the pic though!
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May 8, 2010
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May 8, 2010
Well I don't think your the type of person to feel better by someone elses pain. But maybe this helps. I missed the show tonight (tickets sitting on the coffee table) because I had to go to the ER. (oh and they didn't know what was wrong). Well now I'm home and vey upset that I missed the show! I hope to be able to go next time it's in Seattle. =)
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May 7, 2010