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I feel for you. I have a friend who is a successful author in a genre that seems to generate creepy stalker types (she was at SDCC as well, actually!) so I try, when we are hanging out, to be mindful of those type of folks, especially as my friend doesn't have a very good stalker radar, she just thinks everyone is very nice! So, if you ever need someone to watch your six, in a non-stalker/non-creepy way, let me know. We can even have a beer, although you can have the dark beer and I will have a hefe. Sorry, it's just the way I roll. (Did you see that at Worldcon this year, they are having "Literary Beers" in addition to the "Kaffeklatches"? Yes!
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Just a word of warning... make sure your homebrew is stored in a cool location and that it is done fermenting when you bottle. Hubby and I used to homebrew mead and we found that bottles can EXPLODE if they aren't done fermenting and they get warm. It was messy.
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My hubby and I were at 2.0 as well. I have to say we were both extremely entertained and delighted, and would have been happy had the show gone on hours and hours more! Hubby Facebooked: "Wootstock ( is great! It only took about 10 minutes into the show before I knew I had to come back next year--and bring friends!" Oh, and we will. We definitely will. Thank you and Paul and Storm and Adam Savage for helping us celebrate the nerd and nerdette in all of us.
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May 11, 2010