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Hi Carol, That's exactly it! Tweens and teens see so much of their friends, between school and sleepovers and time spent chatting online, spending a week together won't really have much of an impact on their relationship (unless they go home hating each other from too much togetherness!) . But what better way for parents, siblings, and extended family members to bond? And I bet your cousin's daughter - and your child - had an absolute blast playing together! Warmest, Stacy
Hi Esther, It's great to hear that you're helping to keep the classical family road trip from becoming extinct! I'm so glad that you had so much fun on the road without the help of electronic gadgets. The family camping trip is in less danger of being lost to cell phones and DVD watching, simply because many camp sites are far enough removed that cell coverage is lost or long enough that the batteries in PSPs do eventually run out. Also, the fact that your family is outside familiar (and therefore boring!) surroundings encourages kids to unplug for awhile. Unless, of course, you bring a generator and HDTV with you to catch up on your movie watching! If you are going on a camping trip this summer, leave the air conditioned trailer and four burner gas stove at home. Instead, laugh as you try to figure out how to set up a tent and roast marshmallows over a fire you've built yourself. You'll create a thousand memories to take home with you and reminisce upon for years to come. Warmest, Stacy