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Some sites require you to enter a password to access certain sections of the site. You can obtain a password by registering on the site, which is usually done by completing an online form. Some sites require you to pay a fee. This includes, for example: News sites like The Wall Street Journal; Technical Assistance sites of many companies; Sites that contain private information that is sold as financial or research sites; and extranet sites. About web browsers: A web browser is software used to access the World Wide Web. A web browser (also known as client software) retrieves information from remote web servers and displays a web page. The two most popular web browsers are Netscape and Microsoft. Both browsers work basically the same way. Once you know one, you can easily use the other. Firefox is another example of a web browser. Continue reading
Posted Feb 2, 2011 at Delightful Jen
Here's how to interpret the various parts of a URL: For Example: http:// www. / Spanish / start.html. http:// - Abbreviation for Hypertext Transfer Protocol , this indicates that it is a hypertext document or directory. www. - This indicates that this is a page on the World Wide Web. (Sometimes no "www" is used) / - Called the domain name, it often tells you the name of a company, university or organization. You can also tell you the country of origin. - Together, these indicate the name of the web server. Spanish / - This is the directory or folder within the web server that contains a group of related web pages within the website. start.html - This is a website within the folder. (The same file could be called start.html) A URL does not always include the name of the website.See more about URL's on mywebsearch. Continue reading
Posted Feb 2, 2011 at Delightful Jen
How to use web URLs. A URL indicates where it is stored a website on the internet. URLs almost never use the backslash (\). All the bars are not inverted slashes (/). Must accurately type a URL for your browser to locate the desired web page. Although URLs may contain spaces between characters, usually will not. On some sites there are multiple URLs extensive accessing the same site. The address box or address field of your browser indicates the URL of the page you arrived at after clicking a link. Continue reading
Posted Feb 2, 2011 at Delightful Jen
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