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Debra Dellas
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I have a question. Why is there only two skin colors on census 2010? Where is red? yellow? brown? light brown? beige? light beige? medium beige? pinkish white? ivory? light brown? dark brown? dark tan? Florida tan? California tan? I'm being funny if you can't tell to make a point.What's with the colors only being white & black? Are we so colored blind we can't see anything but black & white? We are a rainbow of colors & different shades. Cenus should not include color, only ancestory of people. If you are adopted and do not know then should include a question I do not know(in the future). That should help future generations. Let's get rid of black & white colors.What do you think? By the way I wonder what the U.S.President thinks of his Mom side of him being called white and nothing else about her race or orgin.I'm sure his girls would like to know more about their Grandma in the future.
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Apr 11, 2010