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I have to agree with this thinking. Just let the guys grow, DW should be OK with it b/c it will benefit him in the long run when Beasley, Cook and Chalmers develop. let them play that's all I ask!!! Its basketball not rocket science.. This team is going to be very good this year.
SVG drew up one of the best plays I have ever seen with no time on the clock and Lee BLEW the lay up. Thats not his fault, he put his team in the position to win and they couldn't come through. SVG is the man and I would take him over Spo' anyday day of the week
JVG is funny, I think he does an excellent job on the broadcast. I would have been very disappointed if he wasn't there. As for SVG he is the man!! I think he did a great job down here.
Ira please tell me you are joking??.. You just posted a blog detailing the many mistakes the Heat have made in regards to late draft picks. Know you post something like this? If there is nothing to write about you are better of doing Ask Ira and expanding the # of questions. The Heat needs to make these picks work. Other teams do it why can't we? In 2003 for example, check the late 2nd round picks: # 38 - Steve Blake # 42 - Zaza Pachulia # 45 - Matt Bonner # 47 - Mo Williams # 49 - James Jones * # 51 - Kyle Korver Freaking MO WILLIAMS was taken at 47, MO WILLIAMS!!! I think any of the players listed above would find playing time on this Heat roster. This team needs as many quality young players as it can get its hands on. If not we will 15-67 again before you know it.
" I hope they fire him... I would love him on our side again. Posted by: eddieomaha | May 13, 2009 at 09:15 AM " Me too. I would take SVG or JVG any day over Spo
Nothing new here.. We have been saying this for the longest time. And there is no guarantee when it comes to young players in this organization anyway. Even if we drafted Michael Jordan, I could see him struggling for playing time. You know he wouldn't be able to step on the floor until he understood, the "Heat" culture .. bla bla bla. "Heat" culture, what is that?? Is that the same culture that has only won 3 game 7's in the franchises history? Or the culture of getting beat in the 1st round of the playoffs 8 out of the 13 years? Or better yet has gotten swept 3 times in the Riley era? Give me a break, this franchise lives in a fantasy world.