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Whenever someone uses the word "fear" to bash someone I know they are big fat phony. You obviously know nothing about the Islamic doctrine of perpetual Jihad on non-Muslims until the whole world is Muslim. You obviously know nothing about Muhammad's life as a mass murderer, rapist, pedophile and torturer. He was no holy man! You obviously don't know that Muslims are commanded to emulate the life of their (false) prophet Muhammad. The world is lucky that millions of Muslims are lazy slackers who ignore this Koranic command. I can tell by your overwrought prose that you were an English major and pothead in college In short, you are a pompous ass and ignoramus!
Watching you right now on Hannity.....You are doing great! Plus Andrew MaCarthy is there too and he knows what the deal is with Jihadist Islam and all Islam.
Toggle Commented Jul 28, 2010 on TODAY! at Atlas Shrugs
Remain in Light
What a Semitic beauty. Loads of Israeli girls look similar. Islam is a curse most especially for the women. She wanted out but her demonic father got in the way. He is hellbound
We have to take many steps to become a producer nation again but the first two steps are tariffs and keeping out illegal immigrants. We are doomed unless we become strict in those areas
Trying to gin up a lawsuit? How about these loonies are just culturally oblivious? Are oblivious to appropriate behavior? They don't can't won't obey simply commands such as fasten seat belts? Running into the loo when the airplane is taxiing and you are supposed to have fastened your seat belt? I don't see anything nefarious I think they are just out to lunch and do what they want.... Think airlines can just shove their safety rules Their "prophet" was a real loony and this infects them all
PAM WROTE:Obama's first job out of college was with ACORN as a community organizer. This is incorrect. Obama's first job was working for some other outfit as a community organizer. The ACORN people were sort of rivals of Obama's organization. But we all know ACORN came to love him and hired Obama to sue Illinois to institute a motor voter laws. This lawsuit was ACORN vs Illinois
0bama is trying to destroy Israel. Your proof is right here with Iran. He could not bring himself to give a few words of encouragement to the Iranian uprising. He wants to stay close with Muslim dictators, not with those who defy them We all know how low and degenerate 0bama is. Millions of others know now Oboma is at Camp David smoking some cigarettes and eating some fine food George Bush and John McCain would have spoken up for the Iranians Instead we have a selfish jackass in the White House
"Everybody knows" just like in the Leonard Cohen song. His lyrics say it all
Toggle Commented Jun 15, 2009 on Everybody knows at Atlas Shrugs
There are some big shot Jews who have been running 0bama for a while such as David Axelrod whose parents were communists. I think this is who Rev Wright is referring to. "These Jews" keep Wright away because he hurts 0bama's image. Hinders 0boma's hare brained socialist schemes
There are some photos of her at google images. She is a blond via Clairol. Is she so stupid she doesn't know that Muslims go batty over this? She found plenty of action in Afghanistan if that was her purpose. Travel to strange foreign places and meet exotic Muslim guys Going by her photos...she looks a bit unhinged
When Obama's rap star idols visit the White House, 0Kenyan can brag he's the original gangsta. Bigger then them rap gangstas. Yo! I have those white boy hedge fund guys under my control, yo!
0bama is not naive or clueless. He set his thugs after the Chrysler senior bondholders and is screwing Israel a little bit more each day 0bama has a vision and it is a short term vision It is a vision to stay in power because of love of raw power Rahm Emanuel is the mirror reflection of 0bama Rahm does it rough while 0bama lays it on heavy and sometimes passive aggressive but always aggressive and on offense PAKISTAN and nukes? 0bama will only do what enhances his absolute power. There are no morals here and obama is godless So God help us and Israel
If Oprah or The View had an ounce of integrity this Islamic murder of an artist would be covered
Once upon a time Charles was so good. I think part of him changing is his being an Apple advocate. Apple users tend to be liberal and artistic same as Charles. So Ch got sick of having to defend his anti-Jihad stance plus his support of George Bush which was real and heartfelt back in the day That day is over and Charles is drifting to the 0bama camp A disgusting betrayal Now he runs a Jihad against Creationists? Which is bizarre because those people are 99% of the time against Jihad While evolutionist supremo Richard Dawkins refuses to discuss Islamic Jihad because he knows darn well that due to Muslim birthrates his books will banned in England and Europe within 60 years
I'm a Jew and wish my people could disown this Grodner skunk. A major embarrassment to my people. Stay safe Sgt. McNulty and best of luck with this Grodner
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