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Geoff Depew
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Hey, Wil. I bought a copy of Just A Geek when it came out, and it's gotten lost along the way. O'Reilly had a special on ebooks last week, and I snagged a copy again, and reread it in a sitting on my machine. I remembered when I found your blog and shared it with people. I think the line we used was "warped to Planet Tequila and came back way more cool". That was before the books. After reading JAG, and then reading it again recently, I have to say we totally underestimated you. You'd started down that path, but we've gotten to watch you walk it, and see how things have changed. I am so happy that you're doing well. And yeah, what dubdynomite said - if you've done anything for people, it's showing us how to deal with Prove To Everyone and Self-Doubt through examples. (Also working on not being a dick) You're TV's Own Wil Wheaton, dammit, and we are your army. Except for the navy. And maybe the Air Force. And a couple of marines. Ah, heck with it, metaphor fell apart.
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May 24, 2010