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anthred... if you are speaking about "Jones"? I am with you... I have a feeling Jones is going to be one of the 5th rounders that you look back at and know you were fortunate to get him at that spot...
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by they way... hi "Soiled" ... what's shakin? Hey to you also "Odinseye"... hope all is well...
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Odinseye... I believe Jerry will do fine at just about any O-line spot they plug him into. They may have to work with him on some of the lateral movement and blocking. But that's okay, Its not like he has not heard all the terminology and they way the line works his whole football career. His size and athleticism will keep him afloat long enough to get his mind wrapped around the show. I'm with you about Smiley... I freakin' hate to see any good player, Even what may have become a pro-bowl caliber guy, as you said... go out early with injuries. One thing time has taught me though. A shoulder injury, at least a bad one... is devastating to an O-line guy. Its like a D-line guy with a lower back issue or a receiver with wicked turf toe... a death sentence to their!
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No doubt that John Jerry was drafted as a replacement Smiley. I don't see where the Dolphins really wanted to get rid of Smiley. They must have, after all, realized when they brought him here in 08 that the shoulder problem was there. I believe they were hoping for a better outcome for the 07 surgery that is reported here as a failure. Smiley is one of the better "pulling" Guards there are. And I believe Tony Sparano just plain likes the guy. It could be true that if there was any way he could rehab the shoulder and get back on the field, that like Ferguson is getting his time to rehab and recover from a suspension... they would give the same to Smiley. I do not believe the shoulder is fixable, its degenerative and everyone is now at grips with that, sucks, but degenerative injuries have taken many a good player out of the game. Jerry will be a monster replacement, I wonder about the shift from right side to left, but I give it a better chance of success then if he where a Tackle doing the same thing. As afr as trading Smiley, once again, why would another team take on the same issue we are facing with Smiley? If he were still in that sort of condition, I believe we would have kept him. He really was a very good player and its a shame this (Career threatening) injuries happens to many good players. I believe we are well covered at the position with Jerry.
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Apr 29, 2010