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It's unfortunate....but the same could have been said when the Lakers moved to LA...Unfortunately, the sonics lost the name and the natural connection. It was very short-sighted on the league not to insist or suggest the new team be sensitive to the history of the team.
If kahn is trying to bargain with the Lakers, he must be pretty desperate...most teams are scared to death of giving us the next gasol or Kobe via trade. coach "pop's" face is probably on fire right At the end of the day, minny must really want to move that pick, or they would just draft good players and get ready for the playoffs....NOT! Therefore, the game of chicken is on....and mitch will be waiting with the assets that nobody saw as desirable. Teams want one of the bigs, so they'd better pony up. I just hope the rumors are true and we're able to get talen that is able to contribute. We need floor spacers, and defense....I'm not sure blake won't bounce back. Maybe phil's presence with the triangle caused the new guys from last year to be pressed. Even Kobe, Lamar, and most veteran players don't like the triangle at first.
I just wonder haow Lamar is dealing with this latest speculation. I do know that we have too many players who take nights off by "deferring" (pau, lamar, dfish, blake). Also anything that can get rid of Luke's massive contract will go a long way.
iggy would work for us....but not with pau...lamar for iggy would be ok. These teams are looking for cheap talent...I say let minny keep their pics and continue to lose
i would rather have a pg and a big...rather a shooter and a big....
parker and a young big for pau is great......although lamar is expendable because of his tendency to drift and his suspect offensive game
Now I guess Lamar will feel disrespected and do a "pau" on us. These guys get very sensitive u know....
The front office has a few things in their favor this year: #1 D. Howard wants out #2 Miami can't trade without getting rid of one of the "pep boyz" #3 boston...ditto #4 Minnesota is desperate to appease rubio (spanish connection?) #5 For once it will be easier to bring in new players without the "triangle" hangover #6 Blake, Barnes, and Brown may have better seasons without said triangle offense.
Why does Pau think he can turn his passion to win on and off? He's tired but won't take the off-season to recover. He wants the ball, but won't fight for position. I love him as a player, but this "soft and emotional" stuff has got to go. He's a 7 footer who won't go for rebounds, and he pouts when his shot doesn't fall. Let's face it, you have to perform night in and night out.....other teams are coming, and if you want to be inconsistant, then maybe a trade is best for both parties. Gasol, Fisher, and Odom need to bring it every game. Just because Kobe wants the ball, it doesn't mean you can't be aggressive. Kobe isn't like lachoke and won't shy away from taking a shot. But that does not mean other "starting or core" players don't have a responsibility to put up the numbers they are paid to produce. I give Bynum credit for wanting to move up the pecking order if Gasol and Odom want a place to hide. As for you bro, but to start on a championship caliber squad, you have got to do more!!
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Mike Brown was not on Lopez on Tuesday
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Jun 7, 2011