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Derval Thomas
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Manny your prediction are panning out!!! Good job! As far as this class goes i love the class b/c we finally have a chance to redshirt players which is what all the other programs do to reload each year. This is gonna make The U More productive year by year..What other motivation does this 2 or 3 star athletes need more than Shannon and his staff chose to recruit them and not the high profile 5 star players. I personally don't care about stars and rankings b/c it's the kids Attitude towards the game that makes them a good to great players... Stars and rankings don't mean nothing! Is Arthur Brown really giving up on The U??? If that's true i hope he figures out the difference between High School and College! I thought he would've been on campus putting work just to show he belongs not @ his house in Kansas!
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Feb 3, 2010