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I was just ranting on Facebook yesterday in a desperate scramble to try and find a subscribed service to stream Falling Skies/2nd Watch that didn't involve some ridiculous monopolizing cable provider... please tell me you know of some magical avenue of awesomeness that they have on deck to go live tomorrow before the show airs. Please? ...pretty please? I really enjoyed the first season of this show and would love to see it air for many more years. Ever more so now that you're following it with 2nd Watch. Sadly, if the number of my friends holding out to watch this until it is available to stream elsewhere is any statistical sampling, it is in trouble. Networks base far too much of a shows success on cable subscribed live viewers. With the target demographic of the SciFi genre being computer geeks and gaming nerds I don't understand why we're forced to subscribe to old technologies. Either way, I'm very excited for you to have this amazing opportunity. If you are aware of some wonderful pay-per-episode streaming service, please do share. If it really doesn't exist... Do try and use your mighty powers of anti-dickery to persuade the system to change.
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Jun 16, 2012