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omg, if you hadn't been as good as Wesly, i'd have been asleep now for the past 4 hours at least instead of awake for allmost 30 hours now. Carnaval is taking casualties today :P
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Reading your blog, twitterstuff,facebook page, google+ and so on for the past few hours, Multitasking it with many other things on three screens, i found myself feeling personally adrressed in some way. One of your articles speaks of people like me. I'm one of them who never knew anything about you before Encounter at Faroint and who hasn't encountered any of your other work since (though in my defence there's not that much of your work that made it to my country, save the guest appearances in Numb3rs and criminal . oh and the Big Bang Theory, but i never really thaught you were acting there... it's just you. Since i've decided to stop with all the socialmedia activity on the Weird wacky web except for Facebook and twitter, i've started following trek-actors and writers in twitter. You were followed by Levar Burton i think and that's how i came to land my click on the links that send me into your part of the www. The first thing i read though was this one: And i thaught i wasn't understanding things correctly. It sounded like you were bashing Wesley Crusher and like you hated him. The next thing i read was: Making me wonder how someone with such an amazingly simular background (at least in social life and gaming experience/likes) could be so different in our opinion of Wesley. Ofcourse the next thought reminded myself that i've never been Wesley or treated as if i was by anyone. Then i read the article where you describe some of what goes on at Conventions: Which, added to the one bashing Wesley, surprised me even more. It's not ignorance which causes him to hate Wesly Crusher and his role in Startrek. Was a thought coming through. Whatever was going on, and however it had happened, i had no choice but to try and find out. I didn't understand and that was all there was to it until i did understand! Then i read this article: which made total sense to me in every way, in complete disregard of the Wil Wheaton i had in my mind after reading the first articles. That last article shows me you are very very much like me when it comes to trek. Especially this line "(...) I mean, I was working for JJ freakin' Abrams on Star frekin' Trek (...)" says you're no different than me. except for the other articles then... Now i am confused, and thought the best thing to do is just to go:"What gives man? Tell me straigt, simple and for dummies what the facts are." and hope there's going to be an answer. How do you..... how did you come to feel that referring to you as "Wesly Crusher" is insulting to you? I can't understand how anyone could be anything but proud as hell at being Wesly Crusher! I do know that Leonnard Nimoy had simular problems, and wrote "i am not Spock" because of it. But i also know he wrote "I am Spock" and now feels he's grateful and privileged to have been part of something that had such a profound impact on the lives of people (like astronauts and nasa scientists that were inspired to become astronaut or work for Nasa because of Startrek) and i remember docu's and interviews with both Shatner and Doohan in which they express the same feelings. You, as Wesly, have had the honor of taking part in the creation of an expanding universe that has been expanding since 1966 and continues to expand today 46 years later. Maybe it would help you with your eehm issues with Wesly if you'd know what Wesley was to me, and still is in many ways. You see i'm as good as 38 years old now and when Encounter at Farpoint came out i was 14 or 15 years old. I was... dare i say it... i was a Star Wars fan (owned every piece of Star Wars toy sold in my immediate neigbourhood) really enjoyed Templeton Peck twice a day (In Battlestar Galactica and the A-Team) and was ready to see the latest and best to hit Science Fiction in decades: Star Trek The Next Genereation. I was sitting ready, in the leather easy chair in the living room with my parents chased out of the house for coffee to the neighbours, a bag of raiders (these days they're called Twix) and 3 liters of CocaCola. And tried to get immersed into the final frontier with all the lights out. It didn't really happen. I was all "nice graphics" and "that's no Kirk!" and "They've forgotten someone like Spock and Bones, the ones making TOS bearable to watch" and though i didn't dislike it i wasn't connecting to it. To this day i have no idea why, and i've never even consciously thought about it before but since i read you bashing Wesly i did some thinking. And it turns out there were only 2 things that lead to the, sometimes worrying, love and entausiasm (fanatism, obsession some might say) for Star Trek i have today. One is that Encounter at Farpoint was a 2 part episode, and i absolutely hate it to the bone when i read to be continued halfway through a story, so that made me watch episode 2. But thát wasn't the thing that clinched it and hooked me to startrek like a fish. Thát my dear Wesly Crushed hat0r was YOU! 19 minutes into the episode Wesly tels Picard what the controls on the Captain's chair do and surprises everyone with how much he knows about the ship and how intelligent he is. That was the moment my mind's eye superemposed me onto the bridge of the NCC1701-D and when i connected with StarTrek. From that moment on the power that ANY Startrek (written, filmed, spoken, or played) had to have me imagining myself in that era, those situations and know how i'd act is like nothing i've ever heard described. And thát's all because not only were you around my age and did you pretty much do the thing i'd do (i mean, you're 15 and moving to live on not only the most advanced starship there is but also the flagship of the Federation... OFCOURSE the kid knows everything he can possibly have learned from any source he can get access to! Why is everyone surprised?) Your acting at the time as well as the way it was written now looks undeniably stiff, awckward, and maybe even a bit forced but that's exactly how a 15 year old expects to feel and act when his mother meets someone very important from the past who allso turns out to be the flagships Captain. Add to that the fact Wesly was on the bridge, which was usually prohibited and a 15 year old in that situation? Study yourself in that scene but imagine it's not you on the screen but some actor you've never seen before and then tell me it was badly written and or poor in any way and i'll accept that we'll eternally differ in opinion. Oef this has become a long piece of text! i apologize and will hurry an end to it. I'll refrain from asking any more and hope that you 1: understand what i mean and what i'm confused about and 2: will be able to make me understand and take away my confusion. (last remark: I'm asking because what you have, being forever inextricably part of Startrek, is what i aspire to the most. Simply having my name and creation in the most read fanmagazine (the UFP's Federation Herald) was one of the prouder moments in my life. Can you imagine if my name was printed on the cover of a novel? Even i Can't imagine the feeling i'd feel, when my name scrols over the screen before or after an episode of Startrek or Movie.
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Feb 19, 2012