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Jordan Devereaux
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The Bagdad is such an awesome theater. Not only do you get to watch your movie with alcohol and sans small children, but there's also tons of leg room and couches. Movie viewing heaven. All for $3 a pop.
It was the only cachaça available at my local liquor store in Portland, OR when I last went, but the OLCC website also claims that Leblon can be found as well. So fair Boca Loca has been good for caipirinhas, but I'm going to see how well it does in other cocktails. There's some homemade ginger beer sitting in my fridge waiting to be used for modified Dark & Stormy's.
Ginger syrup rocks for drinks. We keep a bottle of it sitting around my apartment for just those kinds of uses. As a side note, it'll last a room temperature just fine. If you happen to enjoy gin, try making a Blackthorn Bramble with ginger syrup instead of simple syrup. Tangy goodness.
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Dec 14, 2009