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I have to amend my first comment, as I looked at it again more recently, and the Small body type looks more like a little girl than I remembered. Just an impossibly busty one. Which is problematic for a whole number of reasons. Still, it's not only sexist, but limiting.
Carlo: There's a slight problem with that. Yes, it is sexist and objectifying to make all the men unrealistically perfect... but it doesn't nearly have the same history or cultural significance behind it. Women have a long history of being seen as simply sexual objects rather than people. Men don't.
Beyond the obvious sexism, this is just really limiting. Even the "preteen" you mention looks more like an incredibly short adult than a child or teen. CoH/CoV and Champions Online weren't really designed for child or teen characters, but at least you could simulate it decently. But the mandatory giant breasts make that much harder, if not outright impossible, in DC Universe Online.