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Heck, yeah. I felt the same way about Highlights - it would have been disorienting to see it outside of the doctor's/dentist's office waiting room. And now I know it was Rook who was marking them up. Dang it, Rook, *I* wanted to find the snake!
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The whole sense of entitlement thing came to mind last night as the wife and I were looking up a good friend on some teacher-rating website. The complaints from kids who were upset that they were actually being GRADED on the stuff they turned in - and the very fact that they were being TOLD to turn stuff in - had to be read to be believed. This is from students in a community college English 101 course. When confronted by this degree of laziness and unjustified indignation, my only reaction is to shrug and say, "Enjoy your career in fast food preparation." Or, as the kids say these days, "Cry moar."
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Feb 2, 2011