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Christophe Devriese
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Why don't I just ask the obvious question about "intrinsic motivation". a) general version How is it possible, given that you are correct, that professionals beat amateurs ? In anything, from landing on the moon, to sports, to car manufacturing, to book writing, to software writing. b) specific versions Why are there better games (and for that matter, better drivers) for windows ? ( s/windows/xbox360/ or any other console) Why isn't bread available for free (since an amateur baker beats a professional, and the same goes for farmers) Why is are there better IDEs for windows than linux ? And why are none of the "passable" IDEs created 99% by paid people ? ... You get the point. Studies can claim how the world is free and all happy all they want, but one look around tells anyone with half a brain differently.
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Jun 2, 2010