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You should correct that RPG deficiency - and in an engaging fashion in which a connection is built to the character allowing the actual horror/fear elements to come through the game as opposed to the Paranoia-esque fashion in which far too many despoil Sandy Petersen's opus by racing to be the first character driven stark raving bonkers. That's my opinion, anyway :) I'll make you an offer...I'll buy ya the book if you come to Tucson to play! (Here's hoping the fallacy of logic in my offer doesn't come to light...)
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So, while following the link I couldn't help but notice the 30th anniversary deepone-hide covered Call of C'thulhu book coming soon. Not unlike the nice person who posted the article, I too loved D&D and Star Frontiers, but CoC was always my favorite. So, whatta ya say, Mr. Wheaton...are you a fan of such a tome of horrors?
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I have to respectfully disagree. DoE spends $35M to potentially have that accelerator catch Higgs before tiny little singularities destroy all of Eur...oh wait, that's a silly book...before another such device with a (as I understand it) higher liklihood of such a find catches the particle? To me that sounds akin to throwing good money after bad. I would much prefer the $35M go towards development of more efficient solar arrays, study of improved hydro-electric plants or some other such applied effort. Seems like a higher RoI. If, however, the money is just swept up in budget cuts that's a different matter...unless, of course, it results in sparing cuts to NIH (or any other portion of the HHS/CDC hierarchy). As for paywalls...well, like several others that have posted before me, I understand the need. Given enough time, most of the quality articles will reach a free distribution source. Alternatively, they will be distilled (was going to say "horribly mis-interpreted" but thought I'd be optimistic) by mainstream journalists and reach us via another medium. If nothing else, this is a backhanded encouragement to visit the library...
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Feb 1, 2011