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Skating with your head and admiring a pass is not like blocking a shot and you do not deserve what you get. Blocking a shot is putting yourself in harms way, or escalating the harm that might come to you. Skating with your head down is not consciously putting yourself in the same level of harm. Most have no idea they are going to plastered. A shot blocker knows full well ..this is gonna hurt, but I'm going to do it anyway. Good blog Damien! Not sure what has happened to you, but, this last year has seen a marked improvement in your writing. Fair, equitable, non-sensationalism.(is that a word?) writing. Marty has been a good person for his entire career, to even think he would promote shooting a puck at someones head is stupid. I knew he was joking before I even read the whole story. Anyone who knows anything about NHL hockey, knows Marty Broduer,, one of the best to ever play, would never promote that. Yep, sometimes it's easy to dislike the media.
Toggle Commented May 17, 2012 on Facetious Ferocity at The Spin
Good column Damien. But I can't agree with signing any big time goaler. Bryzgalov, will only create problems. Sitting Reimer as a #2 next year is not the way to go. I really don't think Bryzgalov will want to be sitting on the end of the bench as a #2 goaler either. An Alex Auld or similar is the way to go in goal. Richards, too old, his best years are done. Stastny or similar is the way to go. Or a couple of good steady guys via UFA. 2 more Colby Armstrongs would be perfect!! Who wrote above, " 3 good prospects " for Versteeg???! Come on, Stalburg will never see 30 goals, except as a career total. Same with the other 2. Versteeg didn't fit. I'd trade those "3 top prospects" for a 1st rounder and a 3 rd anyday. Who were those last two in the trade anyway? ha!
Toggle Commented Apr 5, 2011 on Time to Turn The Page at The Spin
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Apr 4, 2011