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There is absolutely nothing wrong with declaring your brilliance. I also feel that, for the most part, people *want* that from each other. We do seem to be a bit scared by the idea, though, don't we? We try to protect our kids and selves from failure. If we, instead, focus on finding and shining our own brilliance, we find true rewards, not just homogeneous plastic trophies. Actually, rather than feeling guilty about proclaiming our brilliance, we should feel guilty about just the opposite. We do each other disservice every time we hide our brilliance. Thanks Dawn, you always make me think. :-)
Toggle Commented Mar 27, 2012 on Declare Your Brilliance Day at Write Well Me
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Fantastic. It's so frustrating that GoToWebinar can't easily convert into a Camtasia or simple flash format as a standard process, but your post helped save me a lot of time.
Thanks David, I just ordered mine. I've used this type of digital key before and it's a fantastic way to provide deep security. BTW, you might want to consider signing your posts or adding an 'About' page. I had a heck of a time finding your name. I had to navigate to your PlugIM account. I subscribed a long time ago and forgot who was writing this blog! Doug
Toggle Commented Nov 18, 2007 on PayPal Security Key at Work Yourself Up!
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These are great tips. I get your feed by email and they consistently catch my eye. Do you have an 'about' page somewhere. I keep thinking "this is great stuff, who is this guy?"
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I really like the idea of Yahoo! answers. I have not tried that method yet, but I want to give it a shot. I already use articles, but can always use a reminder that it is important to keep up. Thanks. BTW. I'm subscribed to your feed, and have you in my blogroll, but I don't even know your name. Where do I go for an 'about me' page?
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