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Illegal immigration supporters will never be happy unless full amnesty is given to all illegals. That is what they want. They are supporters of criminals. They are the radical left. They fill the need of rank and file democrat foot soldier. They are the recipients of most of the state welfare. The democrats need them, it is a simple (almost pathetic) argument. California's immigration policy has led to a guaranteed democratic victory for ever (democrat rule for ever) because the illegals have filled the state with democrat voters. That is what the issue is. Nothing else. Do you want the entire country to resemble California? Bankrupt, corrupt, unable to provide basic services?
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Newt is the most experienced Washington insider and that is exactly what the country needs to properly deal with the madness that our federal government has become. All of you conservative ideologues are no better than Obama if you can't see this. Newt knows how to work across party lines and get things done. Things need to get done, not fantasized over. Newt will mop the floor with Obama in any debate any time any where on any subject. Try to see things clearly and past your lame prejudices. Newt Gingrich is our last best hope for saving the republic.
Toggle Commented Nov 15, 2011 on Gingrich takes the lead at Public Policy Polling
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Nov 14, 2011