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This is pretty spot on. However, its not always the national guys who get it wrong...the locals do too. My favorite moment from Friday (when the tornado was hopscotching across Norman) was the comment by the guys on FM 93.3 who said that if the Tornado were to hit the National Weather Center office in Norman, then there would be no tornado warnings or severe weather coverage period.
Toggle Commented Apr 16, 2012 on A Plea to the National Media at WSFA Weather
Love is one of those base emotions that we as a race have a very hard time defining and conceptualizing. Is it a surface emotion or a deep emotion or is it something beyond emotion? Our society has often confused love with desire. Desire is what it is...the want to be with someone emotionally and physically. Desire is only the beginning of the process of love. It's what draws us in and keeps us attracted to someone. Most people end at desire by calling it love. That is where we as a society fall into a bad trap. Desire can leave us. We call that falling out of love because we have a warped sense of what love truly is. Is it unattainable? Not at all, it just takes time. However, in our instant gratification culture we don't have the patience for the growth of love. So what is love? In our society, love is ultimately selfish, greedy, and self-serving. Its all about the the individual, and getting what they want out of the other person. If one person fails to meet the needs of the other, they are discarded or forced out of the relationship. In our hearts we desire much more...that's why we dive into relationships so quickly. We don't want selfishness, we want selflessness. That's what true love is to me, the willingness to be completely selfless for another. That means that the ultimate act of love for me would be that I lay my life down for someone else. Love is not instant.. Love is not quick.. Love is not shallow.. True Love is deep.. True Love is selfless.. True Love takes time to grow and more time to fully blossom.
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Apr 27, 2010