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I live in AZ, and agree that the law is... well insert something here that probably wouldn't be appropriate. I do want to say thank you for still attending. While the state itself has it's issues the fact is events like this are for the fans, the geeks, and just that general culture and I hope people continue to visit for at least their fans until this whole thing is straightened out! I'd really hate to not have a chance to see such great panels, and just fun events because my state has a few more crazies than sane... but hey, there's a lot of sane, and we'll be at the PHXCC cheering your panels on! I'm looking forward to this weekend!
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I'm actually going early on Friday to the Phx Comicon just to make sure my friend and I (we picked up the full event passes) can sign up for the WW Friday night Rockband! Last year I only got to go on Saturday morning (you wont remember, but I had worked til 7am and went to see you at the con, and then had to work again at 6pm and 12hr shifts at that) and was so wiped out that I could barely function. Plus I had to miss the first RB event. This year I took the entire weekend off work so I could hit up all your panels (plus the fact you and FD are doing a GUILD panel is icing on the cake) and have a fun event. Going to both RB nights! Thanks for being... well... you. p.s. You need to get back on Leverage. One of my favorite episodes, and looking forward to hopefully seeing you in S4 of The Guild! Now back to work I go.
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May 25, 2010