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@Nick I don't underestimate people writing code in text editors. However, I've had experience with people that have barely programmed give "expert advice" to other people... to use Notepad and such, in order to be "real" programmers. For programmers that can actually write code - it's a matter of habits, mostly, and it depends on the team you're working on. @Micharch54 Oh, it's the whole world of refactoring and navigation that I prefer not living without. No IDE would work with a truly dynamic language, as it is impossible to properly analyze the code in any given context... saying it as a person that's done a (quite poor) IDE. I can write code in text editors, but I'm less productive that way. @Vladislav Zorov Yeah, and Microsoft eats little children for breakfast. Boo-hooo. Who would pay for training all the 50+ year-old gentlemen and ladies in the administration to use Open(Libre)Office Calc? How about network printing and wireless printers? What about all the in-house software that's been done and used for years? The cost of using software is more than just paying for the license...
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I don't really agree with you about .NET. Yes, it is true that you will get more contributions if you don't use .NET, but this has nothing to do with licensing or toolset. It's because there are open source developers that are quite vocal, even religious, about not liking Microsoft. They are even trying to sabotage mono applications in Gnome and Debian, just on principle. These zealots even accuse Miguel de Icaza of being a "traitor", blaming him to be either Microsoft or Apple puppet, I think they haven't exactly made up their mind yet :) I do prefer statically-typed languages, because IDEs suck for interpreted languages (and you don't even get... static analysis). I guess the average "h0x3r" would do it in vim/emacs/whatever-OS-you-call-text-editor, but good, free tooling does increase productivity for me. Also, there are start-ups that use Microsoft technologies. We are doing quite interesting things, and we are in Bulgaria, too :) Come on, I thought you were a pragmatic programmer!
Toggle Commented Mar 22, 2013 on Why Ruby? at Coding Horror
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Mar 22, 2013