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Unfortunately Shaw was a casualty of the end of the Phil Jackson era. The Dallas sweep was the dagger for B Shaw, and prompted the Laker Brass (Jim Buss) to seek a more drastic shift following Phil Jackson's departure.... I hope B Shaw lands on his feet! If Vogel doesn't work, maybe B Shaw could get his shot at HC.....
CYBER- Thanks for the Chris Broussard post.... I agree Monte is a proven elite scorer; and talent like his cannot be passed on. Here are his numbers from last season: 24.1 PPG, 5.6 Dimes, and 3.5 Boards. This was playing 40 min. a game, and shooting 45% from the field, and 36% from beyond.... At 6'3 Monte could be considered a combo guard, but he puts up a great number of shots, and scores in bunches...with Curry running PG, The Warriors used Monte at the 2..... A couple of issues: (1) What should the Lakers be willing to give up to get Monte? (2) Can Monte and Kobe co-exist? Both ball dominate, high volume shooters... (3) Will a backcourt of Monte and Kobe be able to take over PG duties? While I think the Lakers could benefit from a pass first, pure PG, when a talent like Monte expresses interest in becoming a Laker you can't ignore it....
Great to see Barnes coming back. That guy is all heart. One of the few NBA "tough guys." He has played that way since his UCLA days. If he comes in and gives us his normal production (pre-injury), he and LO can really provide a good kick off the bench. Monte is legit, and can alleviate some of the scoring for Kobe. He is a very talented player, and with Golden State looking to go forward with Curry at the head of the table, Monte might be available at retail price....but don't expect the Warriors to play nice with a inter-division rival.... Tony Parker is an absolute steal, I don't know why other teams haven't jumped on this one....I know he may have some locker room issues (ie. Brent Barry, "our championship window is closing"), but his speed and ability to get to the basket are amazing. His slashing ability is a large component of the Spurs' 3-point shooting efficiency...
Wow...LO for a #2 pick in a weak draft, no thanks. LO is the NBA's 6th man of the year, and would start on most teams. In terms of statistical efficiency, LO should have been an All-Star...I would love to see the Lakers make some moves, just not this one. Yahoo Sports is reporting that the TWolves are going to fire our boy Rambis...poor guy, I hope he lands on his feet. California's Finest Black Mamba
What's up LakerFamily- Re: Steve Nash, apparently while the two teams were in discussions, the trade ultimately failed b/c Nash has requested that if he was to be traded, that it be to a title contender.....wouldn't it be nice to see Nash in Forum Blue and Gold.... California's Finest Black Mamba
What's up LakerFamily- Can't believe that the Wolves would dare want Bynum, didn't they get the Jim Buss Memo, he is "untouchable"...that is until Howard, Cp3, or D Will come onto the market.... Curious as to your thoughts on the Spurs shopping Tony Parker for a draft pick, surely in response to his "our window is closed" comment... If only the Lakers could trade Luke Walton for K Love, and the #2, and ship the pick to the Spurs for Tony Parker....i know i am dreaming, but I can't see why more top lottery teams aren't jumping at this opportunity, especially with such a WEAK draft class..... Also, the Suns are in talks with the Wolves to trade Nash for the #2 pick...I know Nash is up there, but he is still a great QB on the floor, and we just saw what J Kidd did for the Mavs..... Have a Great Day- California's Finest Black Mamba
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Jun 22, 2011