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Clem D
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Ah Ha, just read an earlier reply that "As of April 1 2010" ...... preceeding questions on the census form is now called a "reference date". Could the words not have been "As of today".... ; before you originated the phrase "reference date" and threatened people about "false answers"? Maybe not even put any "reference date" at all.? You really need to stop with threats and simply ask what is required in clear understandable language! You have 10 years to improve now, use the time wisely.
Just got your latest "reminder" (3/22/10). Telling me to complete and mail my form if not done already. Unfortunately my time machine is malfuctioning and I am stuck in the present. Great of you (via me a taxpayer) to waste money on the Post Office "bailout". It was also thoughtful of you to include a website address that points to a non existint page. It would give people more confidence if you knew your own web address and the date referenced by your own "questionaire" then sent and worded mailings properly..
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Mar 23, 2010