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One aspect of the cruise I liked was that most of us knew to treat the guests as somewhat more famous versions of our fellow Sea Monkeys. I talked to a few of them over the course of the cruise and judged each according to his or her need for personal space. Some were thrilled to chat (or at least were really good at acting that way), others were more reserved. But even so, there wasn't a huge divide. We were all on the boat to have a good time together, and to help each other have a good time. I hear the volunteers had to deal with a few Sea Monkeys who didn't know how to behave, but they were a small minority.
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I am relieved to know that Half Moon Cay didn't suck. I was of that opinion, but would hate to trust my judgment on such a weighty matter. Then again, with so many Sea Monkeys in attendance and all those whom Sea Monkeys find entertaining, suckage was unlikely to be an issue. (As an aside, my Mac's spellcheck tried to convert suckage to suckle. Which is amusing but wrong. How can you not know from suckage, OS X?)
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Any of your Trek experiences would be good. You do such a great Patrick Stewart! Heck, I'd listen happily to you do Rocky Horror for the umpteenth time, but only if P&S accompany. As for the formal dinner, I'm cool with whatever the rest of the gang wants to do. Might have to look for a truly revolting tie to go with my suit...
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Just to turn the whole "too much to do at Comic Con" thing on its head, I flew down to San Diego specifically for w00tstock, and then bought a day pass for the con as an afterthought. It was brilliant fun, even better than you had all described on podcasts and blogs and tweets and whatever. It was a giant party, one I hated to see end. By the way, I have a few pictures on Flickr that you might enjoy: Apologies for the quality, but the lighting and my poor choice of lens made things challenging.
Toggle Commented Jul 26, 2010 on memories of w00tstock 2.4 at WWdN: In Exile
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Jul 26, 2010