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Looking forward to your book. The insider stuff can be even more interesting than the actual shows. This is doubly true of the "special" episodes (short bus special, not extra-kick-ass-season-finale-effects-budget episodes). And since your prior efforts have been good reads, I have high hopes for this one. BTW, did Gerrold mention when A Method for Madness might be coming out? I've been waiting for that for over 15 frakin' years! My copies of the first four books are getting pretty beat up.
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To make this even MORE recursive, Scalzi should have received this painting... Not that Wil having it is a bad thing. It IS awesome, after all, and how many people can say they've got a painting of themselves holding a painting of themselves? That's just full of win!
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The question isn't "Did you buy it?", the question is "How many did you buy?" I, too, want to see a picture of you in the shirt.
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OK, I'm holding out for the Quadfecta: To have you show up on ALL of my Monday night shows (Chuck, Heroes, Big Bang Theory (if there was ever a show that you could pull off by appearing "as himself," BBT is most definitely it), & Sarah Connor Chronicles (Wil as a Terminator...anyone NOT up for that?!?!?)). Get on The Office the same week and you could completely sweep my television week (only because there isn't really a way to get you on BSG at this point...though Caprica remains a possibility...) PS Get on ANY of those shows and I'll be record it, bittorrent it, AND get it off of iTunes excited...
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Check out the Fark thread on Cake! There's a cake of that! (Stutte2 is the poster)
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The Dark Side Classic Albums episode sucks me in every time I run across it. I've had friends call me to tell me it's on. What bowls me over the most is how much effort they went to for some of the sounds. Stuff that can be done in a couple of seconds today took ages and all kinds of Rube Goldberg tape loops to do back then. Maybe that's part of why the album is so spectacular...
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