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I am also not able to post on GoV. Seems that comments are just closed down, nobody is "banned". Two of my earlier posts over here, asking for a tad bit more substantial evidence to back up the accusations of Ms Moore, didn't make it however. Take care, Sag.
Toggle Commented Jul 5, 2011 on The Evil That Men Do at Atlas Shrugs
Still waiting for this Roberta Moore character to present her evidence that the EDL administration, i.e. high ranking members, were "making a turn for the worse", so to speak, when she left (or was kicked out of) the EDL. The "evidence" presented so far, in no way substantiates the outrageous claims that this person made, nor does it justify the subsequent round of denouncing by those who seemed to take her word as gospel truth. Kind regs from Amsterdam, Sag.
Toggle Commented Jul 4, 2011 on The Evil That Men Do at Atlas Shrugs
I support all those who reasonably assert that Israelis have a right to defend their country, just like the inhabitants of other nations, no more no less. I don't think however, that a principled rejection of militant Zionist activism should be treated as failing some kind of blogospherical litmus test to pass for a "bona fide" member of the CJ initiative, most certainly not where the organization in question is an English grassroots movement, concerned with the islamization of the neighbourhoods their members grew up in. In my opinion, the EDL should never have allowed any special divisions within their organization in the first place. That preemptive "tactical" move might have seemed wise at first, but in the long run it could only send one important signal, surely to be picked up by possible opponents, infiltrants or special interest groups: a simmering fear of PC motivated guilt by association, i.e. being called "Nazi" and what have you. In short: Special "divisions" within a grassroots movement, erected with an eye to PC public opinion, will result in just that: divisions. Kind regs from Amsterdam, Sag.
Toggle Commented Jul 3, 2011 on The Evil That Men Do at Atlas Shrugs
About the picture: see that boy on the left, holding the US flag, receiving all those nazi salutes? He became President just recently ;-)
[quote] "Oh i´m not brainwashed trust me. I´ve seen the world." Ok, you've "seen the world", well that just makes up for everything then. Sorry for calling you brainwashed, that was unwarranted. Kind regs from Amsterdam, Sag.
You're just another clueless propagandist. And like I said, I am an atheist too, only not of the anti-christian brainwashed variety. Oh, and here's also a nice pic of black American children giving the "nazi salute", so what does that prove?
Oh boy, so now the Shoah was christian made? Is that what your unofficial sources tell you? Got an undivine memo by your non-deity Atheus? Nazis were socialists happily working together with Muslim SS-divisions and the grandmufti of Jerusalem who pressed Himmler et al to get on with the "Endlösung" in Europe in order to continue their job in the Mid-East. The current Pope lived under nazi, i.e. national socialist, dictatorship as so many German youths who involuntarily joined the Hitler youth. Hitler himself said about the Church when commenting on Mussolini: "I would have taken the path of Revolution if I had been him. I would have stormed the Vatican and trown everybody out [..] In the end we have no reason to wish those Italians and Spaniards will rid themselves from the addiction of Christianity. We will have to be the only people that isn't susceptible to this disease" The faith equals addiction slogan, does that sound like marxist atheism, or what? You read @Atheist? Just try this one by Jewish historian Rabbi David G Dalin: "The myth of Hitler's Pope" before you open your bolshevik agitprop spreading mouth again, mkay? Kind regs from another atheist in Amsterdam, Sag.
What's nxt? Twitter? Facebook? Hyves? Don't think so! Continue reading
Posted Nov 8, 2010 at Sag's blog