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It's been a couple of years that I'm working as an iOS developer, and I have to add another side to your portrayal of iPhone world from dev perspective. It is true that you have a master who owns the land where you live, and that you have to be careful of keeping a master happy, but one should remember that this feudalistic environment came after slavery and is improvement compared to earlier mobile systems. Other good sides for developer are no memory leaks rule which Apple reinforce, and without which I just know from experience everything is not as good, because tight schedules always top quality in real world so putting line that can't be crossed is blessing. Than you have centralized shop, where your software will stand alongside of everyone else's and you know that every customer have to come to that particular shop. Hardware that doesn't change is huge thing, and every Android developer can confirm you that. Even when Apple made retina screen, they made sure that you can keep your pixels same (so you still refer to screen as 480x320, and if that screen happens to be double in size, you can and don't have to just use same images with postfix). And, ofcourse, when you develop for iPhone, you get app for iPad also with little effort. Other things aside, it still pays off to be iOS developer, especially because market is crying for more senior developers and is prepared to pay more. God, I hope Apple doesn't see that I'm talking about them to foreigners and whip me...
Toggle Commented Oct 17, 2011 on Serving at the Pleasure of the King at Coding Horror
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Oct 17, 2011