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I've been involved in two court cases. One as a juror, one as the prime witness. I was a juror to a case where a guy spent all day at a bar (where he shouldn't have been since he was diabetic) and tried to sue the bar when he slipped and fell, cracking his tailbone, and then refused all help at the scene. We, the jury, weren't going to give the guy a penny when the announcement came (in the 3rd day) that they settled. In the other, I was the only witness from the beginning to end of a situation that resulted in the police shooting and killing someone. One of the most painful times of my life was when I had to recount, in front of the decedent's parents, the last 2 minutes or so of their son's life. At one point I mentioned that I changed my position (going up some concrete steps) and I was asked why I did that. I can't tell you the amount of shame I felt when I said "To get a better view" (the cops were chasing the guy across the street by now - I had no idea what was about to happen). They wanted someone to blame but the Boston Police Department did everything by the book. In the testimony from other that I'd heard, it was clear that the guy had mental problems that were only getting worse. But the family ignored it. I think the lawyer was exploiting their guilt to try and find someone else to blame so he could get a payday.
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I bought the 256GB SSD version of the Zenbook Prime. I have to say I'm loving this machine. The keyboard was easy to get used to. I have fewer wires because of Bluetooth and the USB 3.0 is ridiculous quick.
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Sep 24, 2012