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I beleive he should be banned from football. He is not a player. The rules for him should be no different than they are for us. We could be charged for assault if we tripped someone intentionally and we hurt them. He could have impacted the outcome of the game because of that or even worse he could have ended Nolans career. Since that is the case, the coaches career should be over.
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like sands through an hour glass these are the days of our lives.
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The question was out of line. He probably didn’t mean disrespect but that’s not the point. The point is it was disrespectful. It’s also an embarrassment. It has nothing to do with football. The knock on Dez is his work ethic. This question doesn’t help gauge that. Many of you say that Dez will be paid millions so the question is legit. Well, he hasn’t made a dime yet. Ireland already gets paid millions so he should be able to get answers to questions while using a little common man-to-man respect.
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Apr 22, 2010