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Seconding this suggestion: "I would like to see a Michigan question on how people would vote on an ballot measure to repeal the new "Right to Work" law." Also for Michigan, I would *definitely* ask fave/unfave about the bill to require health insurers to only offer abortion coverage separately: This is the time to do it, because the legislature only has 40 days to act. It would be good to have numbers on it before they do. Also seconding generic legislative ballot for all three states. And maybe in MI, ask Mike Duggan's favorables statewide?
For PA, the only Republican "alternative" I think worth testing is Generic R. You could come up with a name, sure (Jim Gerlach? who knows), but no one else has even hinted at a run.
If you poll the GOP primary in WV, I would ask about Republican Jesus - you know, your classic question about, "Would you like Capito or someone more conservative?"
I'd also ask just Michaud vs. LePage (one-on-one), to make it clear how much Cutler is cutting into Michaud.
Toggle Commented Aug 23, 2013 on Maine Question Suggestions at Public Policy Polling
Would you like to see Wendy Davis: run for governor; run for lieutenant governor; run for attorney general; run for re-election to the state Senate; or not run for office at all?
By the way, here is GQR's recent Texas poll, which asked a number of questions about abortion: PPP may want to avoid duplicative questions.
I think my first (serious) proposal may not have made it through, but for the national poll, I would ask (worded properly, of course): a) Have you heard about Jason Collins b) What do you think c) Do you consider yourself a pro sports fan? I'd x-tab a & b against c.
Do you approve or disapprove of Mark Sanford flying airplanes at his children?
Test Linda Ketner's favorables in SC-01, just for the hell of it.
How about aiming for, say, 2,000 respondents in Iowa and doing four House polls as well? All four districts are competitive. Also, in Florida, I don't suppose there would be a way to do a Sink-Crist Dem gov primary?
Possible replacements for Akin (not that I think he's likely to drop out, but obviously you gotta test some names). Aside from Brunner & Steelman, of course, you have: 1) Ex-Sen. Jim Talent (he's only 55) 2) Rep. Jo Ann Emerson ("dean" of delegation) 3) Auditor Tom Schweich (had considered possible sen/gov runs this year) 4) State Sen. Brad Lager (almost beat Peter Kinder for LG nod this year)
Strongly seconding polling MI ballot measures. In addition to collective bargaining and 2/3rds vote in lege for tax hikes, there's the measure to repeal the emergency managers law. Also, please include former New York Mets third baseman Howard Johnson in your polls for president.
Please be sure to include Magic Johnson in your next poll of Los Angeles.
How about asking Iowa voters what other state they'd like to see polled. After all, you ask us!
"Do you think that one of these days a congressman from Michigan is going to come back home and build a turtle fence?"
Ohio: Seconding the idea to test the redistricting referendum. Also, another group is trying to get a measure to overturn the state's anti-gay marriage amendment on to the ballot for 2013, so maybe test that. Heh, Lee Fischer vs. Rob Portman rematch? Iowa: Maybe ask people if they know anyone who has been married in a same-sex union in the state of Iowa. Could offer an interesting cross-tab.
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May 3, 2012