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So far DW and DM's acting is the saving grace of the baby switch story. I like that Brot was brought into it, but hate the contrived plot. I agree that both DW and DM have had some over the top acting moments, but for the most part they have given award winning performances.I do find their dialogue too repetitive and feel that it is going to continue as the story plots along. Dr. Wonderful is grinding my last nerve, not only as a one note "saving lives" character, but also the actor's substandard performance. How JV got a front burner story opposite a leading lady like Alicia Minshew is mind boggling. She acts circles around him and their scenes are awkward and uncomfortable to watch. Oh TK/Zach where are you???? Kendall, as well as some of us in the audience, need saving from this transparent agenda driven s/l. I hope that LB puts a stop to this Griffen/Life Saver train wreck as soon as possible and brings back Thorsten Kaye/ Zach.
Toggle Commented Apr 5, 2011 on As Subtle As a Sledgehammer at Serial Drama
Kendall is being written unrecognizable and totally out of character to give the newbie doctor an undeserved story. One day smart, impulsive Kendall is reenergized to go after whoever was responsible for Zach's crash and a few days later she ready to give up and stop obsessing about Zach's fate. One day Griffen tells Kendall to stop obsessing about Zach's letter, because it is affecting her health and now he is urging her not to give up, but pursue her instincts. These writers can't make up their minds which way to go and are dessimating Kendall's character in the process to push their pathetic newbie down our throats.
Toggle Commented Mar 11, 2011 on Oh, Plot Point Writing. I Hate You. at Serial Drama
I also believe that Zach is not dead. What worries me is that AMC will take too long to bring him back and in the process will not only lose the audience, but Thorsten Kaye as well. An actor of his caliber will not remain available for long. I hope that TPTB work harder to get TK to commute and stay on the show. AMC can ill afford to lose TK/Zach as well as their power couple of Zendall. If they have any illusions that they can move AM/Kendall successfully to a new pairing, they are in for a rude awakening and the ratings will continue to drop. Zach and Kendall are soulmates, who belong together and their union is magic on the screen, thanks to the talents and the amazing chemistry between TK and AM.
Zach and Kendall are indeed the magical super couple of AMC. How tragic that we are about to lose their magic, because of ill advised decisions made to move the show to CA and along with it lose Thorsten Kaye, who gave life to fascinating multi facetet Zach Slater and one half of this amazing pairing we are about to lose. Watching today's show, beautifully written by Kate Hall, I was overcome with sadness, but at the same time elated to see these two actors reliving their alter egoes' truly epic love story. Thank you Mallory for your on target commentary and for posting the video from today's show. I know that I will watch it again and again.
Toggle Commented Nov 12, 2010 on The Sublime and the Ridiculous at Serial Drama
I began watching AMC diligently for one reason and one reason only, the epic love story of Zach and Kendall. After NYE 2005 I was hooked and have not missed one show. The magic on screen chemistry of TK and AM as Zach and Kendall is something I have not experienced watching any other soap, even with the terrible writing for this amazing super couple during the past two HW regimes. Thus it is devastating to hear the news that Thorsten Kaye was not able to reach an amicable agreement with TPTB at ABC to permanently remain on the show. This loss along with David Canary and Vincent Irrizary is another nail in AMC's coffin IMO, which the ill advised move to CA initiated. To add insult to injury, the HWs had the gall to suggest in their latest interview, that before Zach's death even occurs on screen, that Kendall is designated a new love interest and that Zendall fans should give it a chance. This suggestion is callous, insensitive and insulting to those of us that have stuck it out with all the plot driven crap we had to endure during the past two years, just because we were mesmerized by the magic and charisma that TK and AM brought us during their four year run on AMC. There is no one that can take Zach's place in Kendall's heart and most of all not this newbie on the show. I despise him already. Don't ever tell me who to like. Kendall needs to mourn Zach properly with her sons and begin to get her life together. She is a strong woman and doesn't need a man. If AMC wants to keep Zendall fans watching, then they have to honor this magical pairing by allowing a proper mourning period for both Kendall and the fans and not throw some cheap love affair in the mix, which is destined to fail even before begins.
Toggle Commented Nov 7, 2010 on About That AMC Spoiler... at Serial Drama
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