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I despise the saying, 'Ignorance is bliss'. How can this be? Ignorance is alienating yourself from knowledge. I am never content unless I know the "truth", or have some kind of understanding. To this point, Plato, is on it. Now, I know for a fact that I've said things like 'whatever floats your boat' or 'whatever makes you happy', and in making these remarks, I, in no way feel like I'm checking out of a conversation or expressing a lack of care or concern. In certain situations I can't make the judgment call and say that what I feel is right is absolute. So, yes, 'whatever makes you happy'. Additionally, yes, it isn't all about us as individuals. But, what is the truth?
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Flight. Why choose invisibility in a world where so few of us are seen?
Ugh! My head is spinning! I can not say that Hobbes is totally incorrect. I do believe that it is human nature to want more. However, I disagree that our nature to steal, cheat, murder etc. to achieve our goals is normative. Some people just make the choice to live their life that way. I believe it is normative to want to do the right thing, the moral thing. Government, or a common power, is necessary.
Friedman is Thrasymachus, Glaucon and Hobbes, on steroids. He is completely on target with all three. I do not believe that the ideas of Friedman or the rest of the crew are absolute. There is certainly some truth to what they all say. Friedman says, "the great achievements of civilization have not come from government bureaus." True, but, they certainly have been made for the greater good, and we all have benefited from these achievements in one way or another. Does that mean we're all greedy?
The thought that Kelly was speaking about was meaning. That meaning is something that many of us search for. As Lara mentioned, the Superbowl was just an example of something that can provide meaning. To say football can provide sacredness to me is a bit much. But, I get the point he's trying to make. Let's hear what Prof. Nate has to say.
334c "Probably one loves those one considers good and useful and hates those one considers bad and harmful. But surely people often make mistakes about this, believing many people to be good and useful when they aren't, and making the opposite mistake about enemies? They do indeed." This stood out to me. I think so many of us make this mistake.
It seems that if we were to ask Thrasymachus what he thought about the idea of religion and philosophy being at war, he would most likely say that they are. Much like everyone who has commented thus far, I agree that Socrates has a better understanding of what justice truly is. However, is what Thrasymachus saying that far off? To the point that Dylan made about North Korea, I would say that globally, society disagrees with the politics of North Korea. The people have been fooled by their leader. Or at least follow the rules for fear of punishment. But look at the rest of the world. There are very few if any other societies like that of North Korea. For the most part, the rest of the world goes along with what their leaders say is the right thing to do. Therefore, it seems society as a whole follows a more Thrasymachus approach. But, I think our leaders all lean to the side of Socrates wherein lies the difference.
I was raised in a non-religious, Jewish family. God was never mentioned in our home. We practiced the philosophy of my mother who was the "God" or "leader" of our household. Are religion and philosophy at war? From what little I know about religion, I'd have to say no. We all have an understanding of what is "right" and "wrong", what is "good" or "bad"; religion and philosophy seem to be on the same page in this regard.
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Hello all! My name is Daniel Bernard. I was a party planner for ten years and gave it up to finish my college degree. I currently work in marketing for New Balance. I'm a psychology major in my last year here at Fordham and I'm pursuing my second career as a special education teacher. Prior to returning to school I spent much of my free time traveling. I have seen much of the world and I love learning about different cultures and customs. I'm also a major foodie with a strong affinity for Asian food. I am taking this class as my final core requirement and I'm looking forward to exploring this course with you all! Good luck, everyone!
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