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After re-reading the post, some customers did come to her aid but only after she was on the floor being repeatedly kicked. Maybe the dive bar needs a bouncer?
Toggle Commented Mar 22, 2007 on Brutal beating captured on tape at Crime Scene KC
At 6'4" and 250lbs, I would've put a knot on his head. Let him beat on someone his own size. How is it possible no one came to her rescue? This is a sad testiment to society in allow something so wrong standing by doing nothing.
Toggle Commented Mar 22, 2007 on Brutal beating captured on tape at Crime Scene KC
Hard to believe an 88yr old as a target. Likely drugs are involved.
Toggle Commented Mar 19, 2007 on World's toughest senior citizen at Crime Scene KC
I think a lesson learned here is that even if you are entitled to VA benefits but are turned down for any reason, go elsewhere for treatement...especially if you are the decision maker, rational thinker, guardian etc...
Well, there's certainly no political advantage to alter the VA's processes.
This story saddens me more than anyone will ever know. I am a Vietnam Veteran (Navy). I served two Westpac tours on the USS Ranger CVA-61 seeing limited action steaming through the Gulf of Tonkin. I saw enough damaged planes and pilots to last a lifetime...luckily, I did not have to endure daily rigors ground forces must undergo. After discharge, I worked at a local VA Hospital first as a clerk then as part of the Engineering Dept. I was surrounded by vets from 3 wars, listened to their stories and always wondered where their families they got 'here'. Public sentiment at the time was at an all time low regarding military processes and personnel. These 'guys' were thrown away, dispensible humans, social outcasts. I lasted 10 years in that job...and I've never felt more ashamed and embarrassed at how our veterans were/are mishandled.
I'm not buying into the NAACP or ACLU angle at all. This was an act of stupidity from someone who does not value life, has no morals or ethics...a bottom feeder in our society. His color isn't important at all but rather his indifference to his childrens' lives...I'm hoping the kids receive the best of care in the immediate future. At least Daddy will not be around to harm them for 5 years.
Toggle Commented Feb 8, 2007 on Dad poisons kids' soup at Crime Scene KC
Babies having babies.
My extended family has been dealing with child molestation the past 10 years. The two youngsters involved at the time have paid an unfair price where the molester had died a couple of years before this tragedy became apparent. One of the kids has already passed on unable to cope while the other is still in therapy today. If the male molester were alive when news of his activities were brought to light, I doubt our legal system could've protected him. This isn't public condemnation...this is a fact. Unless you've been dragged through the after affects of a molestation, it would be hard to understand my unrelenting hatred of those who take advantage of kids.
Toggle Commented Feb 2, 2007 on Update on Kirkwood kidnappings at Crime Scene KC
When these kids are tried as adults in court (and sentenced), I hope they finally realize the damage they caused.
Toggle Commented Feb 2, 2007 on Teens accused of blinding man at Crime Scene KC
Wonder if he mixes it with 7-up?
So, at what point do parents stay up waiting for this guy with a 12 gauge shotgun? If I lived in this area, the perv better hope the police catch him...
I agree a hanging would be too nice. Too bad us taxpayers are gonna keep this freak alive longer than he deserves. Let's hope his trial is not prolonged.
Toggle Commented Feb 2, 2007 on Update on Kirkwood kidnappings at Crime Scene KC
I agree Scott. I went through a fraternity hell week and intitiation at KSU many years ago. There was little concern for our well being both physically and mentally. No one had any injuries requiring surgery or medical treatment even though the hazing was extreme at times. I wonder if these fraternal "rites of passage" have morphed over the years at KSU.
When I was growing up, my father advised to meet a bully headon and force the coward to back down. Some lessons taught as youngsters will greatly aid as adults.
Toggle Commented Jan 26, 2007 on La. mom is not screwing around at Crime Scene KC
Yeah, dogs are loyal companions. Cats are just - mean.
Hold it - don't move.
Toggle Commented Jan 26, 2007 on Just like the movie! at Crime Scene KC
I would assume this kid received some counseling given his athletic prowress and future earnings potential. A lot of good advice is wasted on the young. Too bad he didn't listen. Apparently Georgia has drawn a box around this activity and is forcing accountability.
oh wait, maybe the dog did it.
Probably should've used the scope. Throw away the key...
I don't remember slam books. Most arguments were taken care of after school off the school grounds.
Toggle Commented Jan 26, 2007 on Whatever happened to slambooks? at Crime Scene KC
What? In Minnesota? I must be dreaming.
Barney should've left the bullet in his pocket.
Given the geographic location and racial history, one can only assume foul play.