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I’ve been a DCU guy for most of my life, but so much of what’s been coming out of it lately has done nothing for me. The only ones that I’m consistently pleased with are JSA (under Marc Guggenheim), Generation Lost (a pleasant surprise considering it’s from Judd Winick), Superboy (LOVE Jeff Lemire & Sweet Tooth), and Zatanna (Paul Dini is the best: his Batman had been the only one I’d been following since that stupid RIP ended). Nothing about the main Marvel Universe has ever interested me. I love Ed Brubaker, but have no interest in Captain America (I do love Incognito and Criminal, though). Same thing with Greg Rucka: I probably won’t read his Punisher series, but I will read the next edition of Stumptown. Other than that, the only ones I read just about everything from are Garth Ennis, Brian K. Vaughn, and Brian Wood. All three have, time and again, without fail, put out stories I’ve loved to death. DMZ and The Boys are nearing the ends of their runs, and I’m actually sad that the ride is almost over.
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Mar 23, 2011