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Sarasota 'cane
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13And1AlabamaBeatUsLikeADrum, In all honesty, you are a disgraceful, moronic, cane fan. You make the rest of us look bad. Obviously you didn't go to college and are just upset that you lost your, "No blocky, no blocky" parking spaces as your only source of income. Go root for UCF or something you imbecile. Go 'canes!
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Tom, Good one. You own me and the 13And1AlabamaBeatUsLikeADrum character. back to mom's basement I go. Oh speaking of the Wisconsin game - I was crushed. I had good seats behind the cane bench and drank a lot I mean a lot of bartles and james wine coolers. We were so crushed and it was so cold that when we cried they literally turned to little icicles. Anyway, Go canes!
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Jan 28, 2010