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Thanks for the link, Lisa - and thanks for reminding me about Your "Undo..." book. It's been months since I read it, and I just skimmed through it again. It fits very nicely with this theme (and I'd forgotten how entertaining the style of the book is). As for Two Weeks to a Breakthrough, I am also surprised it isn't a NYT best seller - as part of the "J Team" during your testing of the concepts, I think it is a tremendously powerful approach and I think everyone should use it. It's also an example of another type of boomerang for me - something so good I keep coming back to it. I go through the Two Weeks process fairly regularly (in fact, one of the items on my current project list is "Go through 2w2ab process for ")
This is a great post, Kare. I was inspired to riff on it on my blog to continue the discussion: I love the way you think.
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