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You wrote that garbage on canespace: " I know, Randy does not know how to use his timeouts...or does he? How do we know what would have happened had he not used them? Why is no one jumping on Mack Brown for the way he handled the clock at the end of the regular season? Maybe because he's white? I have never seen a coach so cloesly scrutinized as Shannon P.S.S. If Urban Meyer has a phony nervous breakdown, or if a UF player gets arrested, or if UF loses the biggest game in state history, then I'm going to go to Gator Clause and have a laugh, or three. There is nothing wrong (IMO) with poking fun at a rival on a public forum." Go 'canes! Commented 5 days ago on A Letter From The Editor by Sarasota 'cane at Canespace Go 'canes!
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Randy Shannon gets more scrutiny because he is black. Anyone scrutinizing Mack Brown for his use of timeouts? Go 'canes!
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With taking Dansby, the path is clear for jimmy graham. It's all about da U!
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the ball was wet Japicky's arm hurt his barber was sick randy's tongue was tied They brought the wrong cleats We're injured We're young We're building depth We sukkkkkk Posted by: Gino's pizza rolls are delicious | March 08, 2010 at 04:46 PM You can make fun of UM but I truly believe that injuries were the single greatest reason why UM faded down the stretch but Manny and Shandell reported it as questioning Shannon's ability to lead the team. It sells more papers and it generates more "hits" on their "D" Bag blogs. Go 'canes!
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Mar 8, 2010