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As an almost 40 year Laker fan, I would gladly pay the $4 per month or more to be able to continue following my team on TV. Unfortunately, my cable provider, Charter Communications feels differently. Being physically disabled, it is very difficult for me to get to Staples Center to see a live game. Even if I were physically able to, the Lakers organization has made it virtually impossible for the average Laker fan to be able to afford to attend a game in person. I guess that leaves even more seats available for all those celebrities to get their free face time on TV. I am enough of a fan to gladly switch to Time Warner, even though I disagree with their holding broadcasts hostage in the attempt to make a dollar, but can't do that...Time Warner is not even available as a cable provider to something like 80% of the greater Los Angeles media market. Oh well, there are those 25 nationally televised (Charter does not carry NBATV, either) out of 82 regular season and tonight's remaining preseason games left that I can watch. Woo hoo! Can't wait . GO LAKERS! I only hope that we fans might be able to watch more than 30% of your regular season games. All of this is especially hard to swallow in the wake of last years lock out and short season fiasco...bad form Buss family, bad form! For years, I have always thought you to be too much of a class act to sell your loyal fans out in the effort to make a buck. I guess I had you pegged wrong.
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Oct 25, 2012