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Pretty unexpected selection of print offer candidates. For some reason I'm having difficulties with the framing and aspect ratios of various pictures. However # 101 and # 120 are my favourites to be framed.
By golly, Mike. For a darkroom owner, surely finding the space and budget for a decent Epson should not be a challenge... Reread Mark Segal's review plus addendum (feb 23rd) on LuLa and go with the Epson 4900. Sure, it'll cost more and that's mostly ink, but it gives you the opportunity to use decent paper sizes and bigger cartridges. I am confident that us TOP-readers will be happy to celebrate and support you once it is installed and ready for its first TOP print sale: a classic image by our fave editor.
If I was restricted to only watching one tv show a week Top Gear would be it. And the way you review cameras, you have a lot more in common with Jeremy & the boys than just TOP. Leave the lengthy review stuff to Phil so we can enjoy your take on camera gems. Top Gear of course is 100% entertainment, wrapped in fancy colors thru more polarizers & grads than we can carry around. The most hilarious episode would be the one with Jeremy competing against local girl Sabine round the old Nürburgring circuit in a diesel sedan (and another episode even in a truck). And Clarkson is a big Merc fan as well. Anyway you have a lot of catching up to do watching probably the best car show .............................. in the World. And on that off topic bombshell I'll leave you to work on the next review.
Toggle Commented May 5, 2010 on Reviewer Creep at The Online Photographer
Always imagined you as the kind of proud dad who had a rusty American classic car hidden in a garden shed somewhere. Waiting there for a family member to contact Chip Foose someday. Jeremy Clarkson couldn't have made made a better choice though.
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Apr 19, 2010