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James Dolence
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I hate to say it... but we are here b/c of a lot of abrogation of powers. It is Congress' job to legislate and the Executive Branch's job to execute - but we let the Executive Branch legislate - SEC/FCC/EPA/BATF - they create regulations that people have to follow. Congress has blithely gone along with this. In this case - yes the President is in charge of the military, but not in charge of declaring war, and any action that precipitates war that is not a response to an aggression against us is usurping powers.
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May 18, 2012
Fantastic Episode! I kind of shrugged at the thought of watching people play a game ... kind of like watching somebody have fun for you, but the way you present the games, and the fun you all had was infectous! Especially when Anne hit the table! It should be mandatory to have her play at least one game with you every episode - come for the funny antics, watch the cute husband/wife subtext!!! FTW!
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May 18, 2012