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The actual debacle is due of the lack of courage of Mr Ross when he's been "catch" talking to Jim Harbaugh and didn't stand and even apologize to Sparano!!!!!!!!! By got sake you're the boss, it's your bloody money and you can do whatever you want!!!!!!!! Nothing personnal against Sparano but seriously I'm tired to find all the time excuses and don't act like a trainer instead of a commentator! He analyse perfectly the postgame but don't find any solution! Some trainer have a commentator job after their carrer but it's looking that Sparano do the opposite! And let's don't forget the real weakness of this team.....NO TEAM SPIRIT AND LOVE OF THE JERSEY! Look the drop ball diva Marshall seriously 54 drop ball since 2007!!!!!!!!! 14+ per season and like against the Jets his drop ball make us lose the game! I can support a Diva if at least he's a good player and make the plays! About QB do I have to enumerate all of them since 1999 Dan marino retirement..... And all of them second or third rang QB! Even Taylor and Wake look demotivated.... I'm not only tired to be chambred at work as it's business as usual since 1999 but now I start to be realy ashamed of my team! I will be forever Fins but my heart bleed more and more each seasons, games.... Time to cut the death wood and as the actual season is anyway over make the drastic change! New Head Coach and A QB! Put the money on the table and for the salary cap cut the pay check of the others players as they certainly don't deserve what they get actualy! Go Fins!
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Oct 18, 2011