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Ha Pamela, That's so funny you say that about the Jews down here in Palm Beach! I went to a 'hoity-toity' fundraiser on Tuesday night (election night) with my friend who happens to work at the Palm Beach Post (she needs the money!! otherwise she would quit). There weren't enough tables for everyone to eat, so we had to 'mingle' with the people who were actually buying artwork and I mentioned something about the election results and some clueless, wealthy Jewish lady (I asked her if she was Jewish and she said "How did you know?" ha, ha, as if it isn't SO obvious! with her N.Y. accent and husband, Marvin, standing next to her!). She said to her husband "Oh, we forgot to vote tonight". She said she got a call from Biden! and I said "I hope you wouldn't have voted for that schmuck, Deutsch? Did you see they way Obama stabbed his finger into Netanayu's (sp?) chest?" She turned with a total look of shock on her face to her husband and asked him "Did you KNOW about that?" Her husband stood there like a dolt! He didn't even acknowledge me standing there! I said, "I hope that in the future, you will vote for the right person, not the political party". She seemed to nod in agreement but I wouldn't bet on it! I went home that night and told my husband, who is from Germany, that the Jews seem to be on a 'suicide mission' and have to wonder if their behavior now is somewhat the same as they were in Germany. They were clueless then and they are clueless now! They refuse to believe what is happening right before their eyes!!! And somehow, smart and successful people, are just totally naive and stupid!!!!
Josh, Unfortunately, the people who try to play by our immigration laws get screwed! You may be waiting a long, long time if you plan to try to get out least as far as the U.S. is concerned. On the other hand, you could always get on a boat in Cuba and make it to land....we accept those people no questions asked!!! ha, ha! All kidding aside, if you find it is taking too long if planning to come to the U.S., we could always 'arrange' that you are a sales rep working for my South African friends and come for business and then 'disappear' here. I have many European friends who tried to emigrate here the 'correct' way and were stymied at every turn. The way it is now, rules were made to be broken and my friends found 'other' ways to stay...and I am happy to say are thriving here because of their strong work ethic and because of help from sympathetic Americans who gave them a chance. The way you are living is NO way to live!!!!
Toggle Commented Apr 9, 2010 on Genocide of White South Africans at Atlas Shrugs
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Apr 9, 2010